Why McCluskey Chevy Should Be Your First Choice for Discount Tires in Cincinnati, OH

July 17th, 2019 by

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Your tires are arguably the most essential component of your vehicle. You can think of them as the foundation of your car, supporting the weight of everything and everyone inside. Not only that, your tires are tasked with providing traction with the road. Your tires use an intricate array of deep grooves or tread, to grip the road, and as a result, help, you avoid dangerous spinouts and skidding. Replacing your tires on a regular basis is incredibly important, and doing so can make all the difference in your driving experience. That said, far too often, car owners opt for discount tires from shops that aren’t exactly reputable. Fortunately, at McCluskey Chevy, we have earned a reputation for offering our customers some of the best discount tires in Cincinnati. In this post, we’ll show you the importance of a great tire, and all of the benefits of using McCluskey Chevy as your main discount tire provider.

The Value of a Good Tire

As we mentioned prior, you can think of your tires as the foundation for your vehicle. They provide grip, control, and weight support for your vehicle. At the same time, they undergo quite a beating on the day to day. Many new drivers, may view their tires as practically indestructible, as they take on all the bumps and obstacles of the road. While that may be partially true, tires have a limited lifespan much like any other auto component.

On average, your basic tire can last around 50,000 miles, although this number is subject to quite a lot of change. Obstacles like potholes and roadside hazards like stray nails can cut a tire’s lifespan short. Improper care can also go a long way in wearing down a tire early. Fortunately, you can extend the life and quality of your tire by keeping up with regular maintenance.

One form of tire maintenance is tire rotations. Tire rotations are performed to counteract the inevitable wear that your tires experience. By rotating the placement of your tires once every 5,000-6,000 miles or so, you can ensure that your tires wear evenly. Another form of tire care to be aware of are wheel alignments. Wheel alignments are performed to adjust for the bumps, potholes, and other obstacles that can knock your alignment out of place. Just like with tire rotations, with a wheel alignment, you can ensure your tires wear evenly. Lastly, one of the most overlooked forms of tire care is tire pressure. Your tires are inflated with air, and typically, manufacturers design your tires to be inflated to a certain air pressure level. Overinflated and under inflated tires can both affect the lifespan of your tire and can cause them to wear unevenly.

All of this tire care can help you avoid popping a flat unexpectedly. Flat tires can be troublesome, and without roadside assistance, you could find yourself changing it on your own. Changing a flat tire may appear complex, but it is actually quite straightforward. All you need is a car jack, a wrench, and an air pressure gauge. When you’ve popped a tire, use your car jack to raise your vehicle so that the flat tire is six inches off the ground. With the wrench, loosen the lug nuts that hold the tire in place, then remove the flat from the axel. Before you install your spare tire, use the air pressure gauge to get a full reading on its air pressure levels. If the air pressure is good, install the spare using the same lug nuts that attached the flat to your axel. And there you have it; a changed flat, however, all of this can be avoided by ensuring your tires are healthy.

A healthy tire can also contribute to other aspects of your driving experience. For instance, a set of tires that aren’t correctly aligned can cause your steering to drift to the left or right. Uneven tire wear can even contribute to excess road noise. And in most cases, a tire that is overinflated or under inflated can even affect the average gas mileage of your vehicle.

All that said, when you purchase a set of tires from a non-reputable shop that sells discount tires, you risk purchasing a tire that may not be as durable and have the life-span you should be able to expect. By purchasing from a dealership you trust, like McCluskey Chevy, you can keep rolling on your tires for many miles to come.

The Risk of Non-Reputable Discount Tire Retailers

At McCluskey Chevy, we understand the necessity of a discount tire. Car components are expensive, especially tires. For some drivers, a flat tire can come out of nowhere too, causing an unexpected expense that delivers quite the financial burden. For this reason, at McCluskey Chevy, we strive to provide affordable tire options for all of our customers and are dedicated to supplying discount tires that are in it for the long haul. Although it is difficult to refute the appeal of a discount tire shop.

Say, for instance, you burst a tire on the road. After changing the flat, and installing a spare, you begin to compare tire prices with local retailers. Coincidentally you find a Cincinnati Discount Tires retailer that appears to have your ideal tire size at a significantly reduced cost. While the sticker price may be quite enticing, there is no way to guarantee that actual quality of the tire.

If you’re shopping for discount tires in Cincinnati, you might know to look at the state of the tire tread, and for any bumps and nicks that stand out, however, it can be difficult to tell whether or not the tire has been used before. While the tire may hold out for several thousand miles, chances are, your discount tire from this third-party retailer will burst early, especially if it’s used. This can lead you back to said retailer, purchasing another tire far earlier than you expected. There is also the added risk of popping a tire on the road. Popping a tire can be dangerous in certain conditions, and if you don’t know how to change a flat, you can find yourself stuck on the side of the highway waiting for roadside assistance.

All of this can be avoided by purchasing a discount tire from a retailer or dealer you trust. At McCluskey Chevy, we are dedicated to quality, and ensure that all of our discount tires are ready to take you out on the open road safely for tens of thousands of miles.


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The Benefit of Purchasing Discount Tires from a Cincinnati Retailer that You Trust

When you purchase discount tires from a reputable retailer or dealer like McCluskey Chevy, chances are you’ll be purchasing a tire that has been tested by a staff that is dedicated to quality. At McCluskey Chevy we inspect each of our discount tires thoroughly, ensuring that they’re ready for the rough and tumble of the open road. Our staff of service and parts experts will walk you through our vast selection of discount tires and help you find the tire that matches your vehicle. At McCluskey Chevy we understand what it takes to make a great tire, and also believe in the value of giving our customers a more affordable tire option.