2016 Chevy Volt Rumored as a Redesign

March 11th, 2014 by

 A silver Chevy Volt in front of mountains at sunset

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Currently, the Chevy Volt which originally went on sale in 2010, has not yet been updated. Chevrolet has recently announced that the newest model year of the Volt, will be completely redesigned for 2016. The aesthetic chance of the Volt will be “evolutionary,” and it will also ride on a brand new front-drive platform developed specially by General Motors. The automaker is still keeping most of the details on the second-generation of the Chevy Volt on the down-low, but have leaked a few small tidbits of information – that may point to an electric-range increase of twenty percent. Until Chevrolet decides to spill more details, we can only speculate that the 2016 Volt will be quite an impressive little car.