5 Reasons to Choose McCluskey Chevrolet

July 2nd, 2014 by
Cincinnati used car dealerships

Lifetime Powertrain Protection

It’s hard to get around town without seeing different Cincinnati used car dealerships on every corner. It’s true, they are everywhere. It’s also true that each one claims to offer the best deals on their vehicles, so how do you know which one is actually telling the truth? The truth is… you don’t. You can price match all day long, but at the end of it all, the car you might get for a basement bargain deal price, might have underlying issues that you couldn’t have foreseen. A reputable dealership like McCluskey can be hard to come across, but we are a dealership that can back up that reputation with facts.

Top 5 Ways McCluskey Chevrolet Has Your Back

We offer new and used vehicles her at McCluskey Chevrolet, but on top of that, we have great incentives to buy that back up your purchase if something goes wrong. Check out our list of the top 5 ways we have your back, and ask those “other guys” if they can provide the same promises as we can.

  1. Guaranteed Credit Approval. That’s right, no matter your situation, we will get a line of credit for you to purchase your new car. We promise.
  2. Lifetime Powertrain Protection. Keep up with your vehicle’s regularly scheduled maintenance with us, and your car will be covered for it’s lifetime. There is no year or mileage limit, and covers all major engine parts. Oh, and it’s free.
  3. $500 Best Price Promise. We will pay you $500 if a comparable vehicle from another manufacturer is cheaper than our vehicles.
  4. Service ’til 3am. Come in anytime up until 3am to get your vehicle serviced.
  5. World’s Best Oil Change Experience. Come in for an oil change, and we will give your car a FREE wash and a 27 point safety inspection. Enjoy popcorn, chocolate, donuts, coffee, iPads, and WiFi while you wait – all complimentary!

These only scratch the surface of what makes McCluskey Chevrolet great, come in today to find out the rest!