Antique Chevrolet Camaro Stress Test

May 3rd, 2012 by

In modern day America, there are a few things that really drive home the impression of suburban success.  A couple of prime examples are having a nice in-ground pool in the backyard and a cherry red Camaro in the driveway.  Well, we here at your Chevy Dealer in Ohio want to point out that, while they are great separately, they don’t combine all that well.

Last week, the Aguilera family returned to their Pembrook Pines Florida home to find a car jutting up out of their swimming pool.  Further inspection revealed it to be an antique 1968 Chevrolet Camaro done in a perfect red.  When firefighters tried to recreate the scene, they discovered the classic car had veered off the road, hopped over an embankment, smashed through the backyard, leveled a row of hedges, crashed down a patio screen, and finally careened into the full pool.

The driver of the car, Sherman Holland, managed to leap from his vehicle before it was fully submerged.  He appeared to have no injuries but was visibly shaken by the violent series of events.  He was taken to the hospital as a precaution.  It’s still not clear what caused him to crash in the first place but Sgt. Scott Carris the officer on the scene sums it up nicely.

“He wound up in a pool, so you can say he wasn’t driving in a careful and prudent manner.”

The Aguilera family says they’re more frustrated than mad.  A car in the pool means a full hazmat team in addition to all the regular property damage.  The woman of the house, Bertha, even had it in her to feel bad about the loss of such an amazing car.

“That is an expensive car,” she said. “It looked more like scrap to me. I don’t think he can refurbish that the way it was.”