Brave New World For The Camaro

June 19th, 2012 by

The Chevy Camaro has become an American icon. You’ve seen it at the Indy 500, you’ve seen it at the Daytona 500, you’ve even seen it on the roads near your home (if your lucky!) But now, Chevy is preparing to send the Camaro into a brave new world. Let us here at your Chevy Silverado Dealer Cincinnati tell you all about it.

Have you ever heard of the WTCC? It stands for the World Touring Car Championship,  a relatively young championship series that has races all over the world. The competitors consist of lightweight, front wheel drive sedans and hatchbacks
running 4-cylinder engines. This year though, the Chevy Camaro is going to be the new safety car for the WTCC. Chevy hopes this will improve the global recognition of the Camaro and bring a little extra muscle to the proceedings (the Camara is 40% more powerful than the cars competing.) Check out their new promo video below!