Chevrolet Purchase Would Cut Back Carbon Emissions

November 17th, 2014 by

If you want to do your part for the environment, buying a used car is a good choice. You aren’t contributing to the production of a new car and the consumption of new materials. Of course, McCluskey Chevrolet is a great Chevy dealer in Ohio, making your search for the right car an easy one.

If you’re an automaker who wants to help the environment, the options are a bit more tricky. After all, you want to keep production high to maintain sales, but you don’t want to threaten natural resources. Producing electric and hybrid vehicles can help, which Chevrolet has already been doing. Now the automaker is taking another step for the environment by purchasing carbon credits from ranchers in North Dakota.

Chevrolet has announced that it has bought more than 39,000 metric tons of carbon credits from ranchers in North Dakota. That will leave these ranchers in an easement that limits how much carbon they can produce through crop production and livestock operations. Ranchers will use the money from the purchase to create wildlife preservation areas, plant trees and take other measures that help to reduce carbon emissions.

Chevrolet is the first corporation to participate in the public-private initiative. The automaker said that the amount of credits it purchased will have the same effect as removing 5,000 cars from the roads in terms of carbon emissions.

Grasslands store carbon dioxide when they are not developed. Tilling the soil and planting crops on these lands releases that carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing to negative environmental changes. The credits represent the amount of carbon dioxide estimated to be in the soil. By purchasing these credits, Chevrolet is playing a part in ensuring that the land is not developed and the gases not released. The program also ensures that the lands remain available for wildlife. Chevrolet’s purchase will preserve 5,000 to 6,000 acres of land.

Production of corn and soybeans are ramping up quickly in the region, so the program was established as a way to help slow that expansion.

Chevrolet has shown commitment to environmental preservation through its development of more eco-friendly cars, such as the Chevy Spark and Volt. The automaker is also working on production of a new electric vehicle to be released next year.

McCluskey Chevrolet applauds these efforts, and we invite customers to browse our inventory for eco-friendly Chevy models and other used vehicles. We have some of the best used cars Cincinnati has to offer. Buying a used car allows you to do your own part for reducing emissions by reducing demand for new production.