Chevrolet SS May Only Have Limited Run

November 22nd, 2014 by

Despite being a Chevy dealer in Ohio, we have a lot of love for models like the Pontiac GTO and the G8. They were nearly instant classics. Not only were they popular cars, but they had a very limited lifespan. Now they are collector’s favorites, and they sell very well on used car lots.

Now it seems that the Chevrolet SS may have the same fate.

The sporty sedan made its debut last year, but it may have a short life since the only factory in the world that produces it is set to close in 2017. The Holden plant in Australia produces the Chevrolet SS, and it also produced the Pontiac GTO and G8.

Officials with General Motors have suggested that a U.S. plant could pick up production of the SS using the Alpha rear-wheel-drive platform as the model. However, other executives have said anonymously that there is no merit to this rumor.

Chevrolet may give the SS a big sendoff, however. Executives have said that the automaker may add features like track-tuned suspension and ceramic brakes from the Camaro Z/28 to the SS, and it may produce a high-performance model Impala that gets SS badging.

However, reports seem to suggest that a reboot of the car is unlikely after the Australia plant closes. Sales of the SS have been slow, with fewer than 3,000 units moved in 2014 — even though excitement should have been high with it being the car’s debut year.

While we’re always sad to see production of a good model come to an end, we here at McCluskey Chevrolet look forward to welcoming what we believe will be another popular, collectible vehicle to our lot. Though sales may have been dim, we feel that consumers will grow to love the features that the SS offers and soon regret its demise. We expect sales of the used vehicles to continue to be strong for many years.

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