Chevy Dealers Enjoy Some Serious Bragging Rights

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2016 Chevrolet Tahoe


As if Chevy dealers didn’t have enough to brag about when it comes to selling some of the most popular vehicles from an American auto industry icon, J.D. Power just upped the ante. Times five.

For the 2016 model year, Chevy just picked up five more accolades, courtesy of the 2016 J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study. Of all the automakers on the market today, Chevy is the only one which features more models with top rankings for their respective segments. These vehicles are literally leading the pack and this is the fourth year in a row that Chevy has outranked its competitors.

What does Chevy have to say about this?

Plenty…and we’ll share it with with you, along with the winning five…each one will no doubt intrigue potential buyers, having already satisfied so many and so early in the new model year.


Chevy Rocks the 2016 J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study




Officially now the fastest growing full-line automative brand, Chevy boasted a three percent increase in sales over the first five months of this year, as well as retail sales shares boosted by 0.6 percentage points. How does Chevy explain this? What are these figures attributed to and why?

According to Alan Batey, Global President of Chevrolet, “These results play two critical roles in our strategy to bring new retail buyers to the brand.” He went on to explain by referencing J.D. Power’s Vehicle Dependability Study, “First, the study results will help attract new buyers to Chevrolet, as J.D. Power data shows ‘expected reliability’ is customers’ top purchase consideration for a new vehicle. Second, the improved ownership experience of our new vehicles will help convert first-time Chevrolet buyers into repeat customers, as J.D. Power indicates customers who have a positive experience in the first 90 days of ownership are more likely to become repeat buyers for the brand.”

Makes sense and the study certainly is reflective of Chevy’s commitment to its customers. The bowtie brand has an extensive range of vehicles designed to meet a variety of driving needs and preferences. From compact cars, to performance monsters, solid work trucks, to safe family SUVs, Chevy even offers its environmentally-concerned consumers hybrid and alternative-fuel models.

For further proof, just check out the five winners – each one of which is uniquely distinct from the rest, representing its own segment.


And the Award Goes to…




Starting with the full-size truck segment, Chevy was awarded for the Silverado 1500 light-duty trucks and Silverado HD for the heavy-duty truck segment. Looking for this year’s best compact SUV, check out the Equinox, boasting fifteen more points than averaged by the segment. For large SUVs, the Chevy Tahoe grabbed up nineteen points beyond the average for that segment. And the Chevy Spark took home the award for the city car segment with a whopping 48 extra points better than the average.

What Exactly Do These Awards Evidence?

To start with, the J.D. Power Initial Quality Study has been in existence for thirty years. It considers any issues or problems that vehicle owners report experiencing within the first ninety days that they own a vehicle. Taking that number of problems reported per 100 vehicles (PP100), the lower a vehicle’s score, the higher its quality, which factors favorably for automaker’s with respect to sales. Chevy is the most impressive proof of that this year.

The study itself is extensive and looks at responses submitted by more than 80,000 customers – both those who purchase and those who lease new vehicles. All responses come from a survey consisting of 233 questions, all of which are spread across eight distinct categories designed to represent the types of problems consumers encounter within the first ninety days following a new car purchase or lease.

The results are then shared with the automakers with the purpose of helping them identify issues and determine how best to remedy them. Ultimately, the goal is not to celebrate one manufacturer over another, but to inspire and guide overall product improvement. For the 2016 model year, the survey was administered starting in February and extending right through May. Official results were released last month, to the delight of Chevy dealers across the country and around the world.

That’s right, the world. Chevy actually conducts business worldwide, selling their vehicles in more than 115 countries, with total global sales reaching beyond the four-million mark, annually. Impressive, but perhaps not surprising for an automaker that’s been around and evolving its products since 1911. An industry leader, purchasing a popular Chevy model from your local Chevy dealers is something more and more consumers are rushing to do. Recognition from trusted industry experts like J.D. Power just adds fuel to that already raging fire.


Choosing a Chevy from the Right Chevy Dealer




Consumers in the Cincinnati, Ohio area enjoy a serious edge over Chevy customers, thanks to their proximity to McCluskey Chevrolet, the best dealership for all things Chevy. An award-winning automaker needs an outstanding dealership to showcase their cutting-edge, class-leading competitors and McCluskey Chevy just such a destination.

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McCluskey Chevy has redefined the one-stop car shopping experience, just as Chevy continues to reimagine automotive excellence for the entire industry.

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