Chevy Highlights Accessories Options with New Truck

November 20th, 2014 by

When you shop Chevy dealers in Cincinnati, you give yourself a lot more options for your new vehicle. You can find a much wider range of models, and you can choose from just about any year. (Though models from the last decade or so are more prevalent.) You can also find cars that have been loaded with after-market features.

Even if you don’t find a car that fits your criteria perfectly, you can customize it through after-market accessories yourself. Chevrolet recently highlighted these options for a new model truck, but the event shows the possibilities for used vehicles, as well.

At a recent event in Nevada, Chevrolet showed off the accessories options for its new Colorado midsize truck. Options included features like tow hooks, exhaust tips, grille inserts, running boards, door handles, and splash guards. Chevy also has a new GearOn system that provides features like bed dividers, bed organizers, utility racks and cross rails to deal with specific hauling needs.

While some of the accessories that Chevy showed off were designed specifically for the Colorado, many more can be added to all types of Chevy vehicles, including trucks and sedans. Instead of highlighting specific accessories, the event aimed to show drivers the kinds of possibilities that after-market accessories can provide. Drivers can customize their vehicles to better reflect their personal style, as well as to better meet their needs, whether that be to increase cargo capability or passenger comfort.

As one of the premiere used car lots in Cincinnati, McCluskey Chevrolet prides itself on selling quality used cars that are loaded with features. However, we can also advise you on after-market features that can enhance your new vehicle and help you get even more out of it. Some of these features can be added on site, or we can refer you to a trusted vendor in our network for adding other features. Stop by our lot today to see what’s possible.