Chevy: Innovating Child Safety in Its Vehicles

September 20th, 2014 by
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2015 Colorado Safety Seat Extension

While the overall safety of all passengers has always been a major goal of Chevrolet, they are expanding their vision and focusing on children’s safety specifically. One thing that has changed in cars over the years, is the laws and recommendations for child safety seats. More regulations seem to come out each year, and it can be hard for an auto brand to keep up with the growing demands. Chevrolet and General Motors are taking the safety of children seriously, by incorporating new innovation into vehicles to help keep your kids safe.

Safety First: How the Colorado is Addressing Child Safety

The brand-new 2015 Chevy Colorado extended cab is the first in Chevy’s lineup to directly address the child safety issue. Too many vehicles meant to accommodate four passengers, are only able to fit two child safety seats due to the lack of seat room in the vehicle. Parents are having to take their child out of a booster seat too soon due to the seating constraints, making it less safe for the child. The new Colorado addresses this issue head on, by using a removable head rest combined with a rear passenger seat cushion, to better accommodate large car seats and boosters.

Chevy’s Other Child Safety Innovations

The innovation is simple enough, and makes the difference when it comes to fitting three child seats in the back, rather than the previously allotted two. Chevrolet’s goal is to “make the experience (traveling with children) as safe and as carefree as possible.” While the Colorado is the only vehicle so far to be fitted with this exact innovation, other Chevy cars, such as the Impala, have plenty of backseat space for large car seats.

Chevrolet offers other safety features for children that parents may not be aware of. Shoulder belt comfort guides for backseat occupants are available to be fitted into your GM vehicle at any Chevrolet dealership. Standard child safety locks are also available for use on Chevy vehicles, as well as a glow-in-the-dark emergency trunk release for children if they ever find themselves trapped in a locked trunk.