Chevy vs Ford: Battle of the Heavy Hitters

December 11th, 2020 by

An orange 2021 Chevy Colorado is driving down the road with a brick building in the background.

Back in the day, you would often see a Chevy Nova or Camaro wearing a bumper sticker saying, “I’d rather push a Chevy or drive a Ford.” Now, the rivalry between Chevy and Ford has generated several funny bumper stickers, memes, and probably family arguments; but it has also shaped what the automotive industry is like today. After all, competition between rivals always works out best for the consumer. You see, rivalries generate motivation to be the best and offer the best, which is just what Chevy does. Does Chevy do this because of the rivalry? Probably not anymore, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t driven by other factors to produce the industry’s top-performing vehicles. Before you pay a visit to McCluskey Chevy, your car dealership in Cincinnati, let’s take a look at the Chevy vs Ford rivalry in further detail.

In all honesty, the Chevy vs Ford bumper stickers and memes can get tiring, and there is often little regard to truth in style, substance, and performance. After all, all drivers really want is a great vehicle for a fair price and not an all-out war between Chevy and Ford fanatics. So while the Chevy vs Ford rivalry produces some pretty funny memes, people would rather know which auto manufacturer delivers the best goods. And while both sides offer worthy products, one is a clear winner.

Chevy and Ford Pickup Trucks

Both Ford and Chevy are best-known for two types of vehicles: muscle cars and pickup trucks. Let’s start by comparing the Chevy Silverado with the Ford F-150, two popular full-size pickup trucks. In addition to better gas mileage, the Silverado surpasses the F-150 in cargo bed size, something to keep in mind if you need a truck for work purposes. The Silverado 1500 also offers no fewer than five powerful engines, and choosing one that fits your lifestyle needs is quite easy. Here are other reasons to choose a Chevy pickup over a Ford.

In terms of infotainment technology, year in and year out, Chevy is on the cutting edge. All new Chevy trucks come standard with at least a 7-inch touch screen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In comparison, the Ford standard infotainment system is pretty basic, offering a radio, Bluetooth, and not much more – unless you pay extra for it, of course. Just another reason to choose a Chevy over a Ford.

Performance is a huge factor when picking any type of vehicle, but a critical aspect in a pickup truck. While you can get away with driving a lower-performing sedan used for running errands and Sunday drives, your pickup is a workhorse that relies heavily on performance. Even the midsize Chevy Colorado offers three highly desirable engine options, even including a powerful diesel for best-in-class towing. So whether you need 181 hp or 308 hp, Chevy trucks will have you covered. In contrast, the midsize Ford Ranger offers just a single engine option across all of its trim levels.

A white 2020 Chevy Equinox is parked in a gravel driveway after leaving a car dealership in Cincinnati.

Chevy SUVs: The Spice of Life

Not everybody needs or desires to own a truck. Yes, many of you may find that hard to believe, but SUVs remain a popular choice among consumers, and Chevy offers an excellent lineup. Take the Chevy Equinox, for example, a stellar SUV that regularly boasts top marks for style, performance, and reliability. But don’t forget about the Blazer, Tahoe, and Suburban, all fine choices as well. One of the top reasons to pursue a Chevy SUV is because they offer such a wide range of options, and as you know, variety is the spice of life. That’s not to say Ford SUVs are necessarily bad, but they are a bit more limited when it comes to selection.

Let’s focus on the Chevy Suburban for a bit. The Suburban has scored well in crash tests and offers a lot of advanced driver-assist features to help keep its passengers safe. Sleep is easy to come by at night when you know your family is safe while traveling in the Suburban. Another important factor to consider when shopping for an SUV is the fuel economy. We all can’t afford to stop at the gas station a couple of times a week; it can get quite expensive. So it is good to know that the Suburban scores best in fuel economy in its class thanks to its available diesel engine. And this doesn’t mean Chevy had to sacrifice cargo capacity to achieve good gas mileage. In fact, the Suburban offers almost 40% more cargo capacity than the Ford Expedition.

The beauty of the Suburban is that it is a great choice for the outdoor enthusiast. That extra cargo space comes in handy for those camping trips when you need to pack up everything but the kitchen sink. As we already discussed, the Suburban will get you to your camping destination without emptying your wallet at the gas station. And with the Z71 trim, the Suburban is ready to venture off-road to get you to the perfect spot to enjoy the wilderness.

A silver 2020 Ford Mustang is shown from a high angle, driving over a bridge and train yard.

Camaro vs Mustang: Iconic Muscle

One of the most recognized cars over the last five decades is the Chevy Camaro, which was developed to compete with the Ford Mustang. This pony car rivalry was fiercely competitive and is still happening today. So much has changed with the Camaro over the years, yet it remains an iconic powerhouse known for its style and performance.

The first-year Camaro was offered as a coupe or convertible and also came with a wide range of engines to appeal to all types of drivers, including a V6 and a big-block V8. The classic Camaro was sleek, lean, and mean. Very little has changed with that aspect over the years, with the modern Camaro looking just as muscular and timeless as it did in 1967. However, under the hood is it more powerful than ever, and its classic V8 powerplant now provides 455 hp and 455 lb-ft of torque.

The Ford Mustang isn’t a slouch either as it also delivers looks and power. To be fair, both the Mustang and the Camaro rate high in power and performance, but some differences make the Camaro stand out. For starters, the Camaro is priced slightly lower than the Mustang and offers just as many features. And while both models offer a plethora of engine choices, the Mustang no longer offers a V6. But the one thing that makes the 2020 Camaro stand out is when you slip behind the wheel, you actually feel like you are sitting in one of the greatest sports cars ever made.

The Rivalry Continues

As you can see, the rivalry between Ford and Chevy has been intense and going on for years. However, in the end, Chevy has a clear edge over their competition. Whether you prefer the Camaro, Suburban, or Silverado, we have just what you are searching for here at McCluskey Chevrolet. We offer a wide and varied selection of new and used vehicles at prices you can afford. If you want to sit behind the wheel of the new Camaro or any other Chevy model for that matter, stop into McCluskey Chevrolet today. We are your one-stop-shop for great Chevy cars, trucks, and SUVs.