Corvette Facts By the Numbers and Names

July 14th, 2014 by

A White 1953 Chevy Corvette

Car collectors and fans alike have a passion for cars that far surpasses most people. Their knowledge regarding certain car brands or models is extensive, and it’s fun to learn about the different facts that you may have never heard before. Even Chevy dealers like us get excited when we hear tid bits about cars that we never knew before. In the spirit of learning new things, we thought that we would share with you some fun facts about one of Chevrolet’s most iconic cars – the Corvette.

Check out some of these fun facts, and let us know how many of them you already knew. Maybe we will stump you, or maybe you are already a Corvette expert!

Corvette Fun Facts

  • 1968. That is the first year that Corvette owners could opt for an AM/FM stereo, for a nominal fee, of course.
  • 1981. Since then, all Corvettes have been equipped with computers.
  • 1980. It was the 1980 Corvette that was the first to have a speedometer with a limit of 85mph. We aren’t sure if that stopped many people from trying for over 100
  • 1979. For years, the crossed flag emblems were missing from the sides and nose of the Corvette. It was in 1979 that they made their big return.
  • 1974. After this year, no Corvette produced would be able to run on “leaded” gasoline.
  • Flint. The first ever Corvettes were built in Flint, Michigan. Only two other cities have produced the famous sports car – St. Louis, Missouri and Bowling Green, Kentucky.
  • William Durant. Without him, the famous bowtie emblem, and the Corvette would not exist. The founder of General Motors was inspired by a wallpaper design in Paris that he claims was where the bowtie emblem design came from.
  • 1953. This year’s Corvette was offered only in white with a red interior.
  • 1983. Only 43 of the 1983 Corvettes were ever produced. There is thought to be only one is existence today, which is on display at the National Corvette Museum.
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