Difference Between the 2010 and 2011 Bengals

November 12th, 2011 by
difference between 2010 bengals and the 2011 bengals…..to me …..huge . I find myself looking forward to watching , or listening , to the “new” bengals….where last year , I would do my best to find something else to do on sunday . 2010 bengals had “super stars” that usually didn’t live up to their hype . a quarterback that was one dimensional , a good passer as long as he wasn’t under pressure , receivers who could “tweet” their fans during the game but couldn’t remember their routes , super stars that were more concerned about their personal well-being than winning the game . 2011 bengals have no “super stars” , not yet , anyway . soon some will be , but now it’s more about the team . a quarterback that can scramble , run with the ball , and throw the ball to more than one receiver . tailbacks that pose different looks , receivers that catch the ball and take the hits , an offensive line that protects their qb . the defense actually puts pressure on the quarterback and the special teams have game breakers…..I could go on and on….did I mention a new offensive coordinator that actually mixes it up ??? HEY !!!! they’re fun to watch and they’re in every game . what a difference when you have hard workers that work together for a common cause , the team , everybody matters , everybody cares , no individual concerns , team .