Do You Need An Oil Change?

September 21st, 2018 by

Oil Change Cincinnati

When is the last time you had your oil changed? If you are unsure or it has been a while, you should make an appointment to get your changed quick. Your oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. Having an oil change helps to increase the longevity of your car or truck and ensures it operates properly when you drive. Oil changes are a simple maintenance feature of owning a vehicle that needs to be done on a regular basis. The oil within your engine needs to be changed approximately every 3000 miles or if you use synthetic oil, every 5000 miles. Your vehicle may be computerized, which will remind you that an oil change is due. If you’re in south-west Ohio McCluskey Chevy can provide an oil change in Cincinnati. Do not ignore or try to override these warnings as your vehicle is telling you that it is ready for a checkup.


Why Is Getting An Oil Change Important?

Having your oil changed is imperative to the health of your engine. Without maintaining your oil, your engine can lose lubricity and friction can occur. Over time your engine oil gets dirty from the grit that comes off the roadway and metal that breakdown in your engine. This minuscule debris can wreak serious havoc on your vehicle and cause your engine to cease up.

Forgetting to have an oil change can also be detrimental to keeping your engine and other components cool. The oil in your vehicle absorbs heat. This allows the components under the hood to operate without overheating. They remain cool and can work together because there is less friction that causes rubbing or wear. Letting these components heat up causes them to rub against each other and wear down faster, costing you more in repair costs later.

Over time, your engine oil will change from a golden hue to a dark and gritty brown color. This is a clear indication that it is time to get an oil change. Leaving this oil to fester will just cause problems for your vehicle and its engine. Your filter will become clogged with dirt and debris and not be able to effectively filter your oil throughout the drivetrain of your car or truck.

Oil breaks down over time and can cause significant damage and wear to the systems within your vehicle. Failing to change your oil regularly, prevents the absorption of heat and makes the components in your vehicle get hotter than necessary. This can cause these parts to cease up, wear prematurely, or even cause engine failure that could leave you stranded on the roadway.

If you want to make sure your vehicle lasts as long as possible, treat it right and get a regular oil change. Your engine will thank you for your efforts by operating as smoothly and efficiently as possible. You won’t have an unexpected breakdown, and you won’t have to worry about the life of your vehicle being cut short. Your dealer can help you with an oil change as well as any other service items your vehicle may need over the course of ownership.

Don’t put off visiting your dealer for an oil change! They can service your vehicle in minimal time and help you keep your car or truck operating as it should. Remember your oil keeps your vehicle running longer and minimizes problems that would be costly to repair.


How Does An Oil Change Work?

Getting an oil change is an easy process to undergo. You simply have to take your vehicle to your local dealer and let them do all the work. They will remove the old and worn oil from your vehicle by draining it. They will then change out the filter and replenish your vehicle with the new oil of your choice.

If you are not sure what type of oil you need for your vehicle, there is no need to fret. Your local dealer has a team of maintenance technicians that can provide you with the information you need to select the right oil for your car or truck. They can also advise you on the type of oil you need depending on the season.

When you take your vehicle to a dealer to have an oil change, you can also count on them to check the other systems. This means that they will top off any fluids, check your tires air pressure, and generally make sure there are no other issues with your vehicle.

If you are worried about the time it will take to get an oil change; you need not worry. An oil change usually takes about an hour. This is a small amount of time to sacrifice to ensure your truck or car has a long life and operates efficiently.

Having an oil change is an excellent way to make sure your car or truck is in good working order. Your dealer’s mechanic can warn you if you will need a replacement part in the near future or any other issue your vehicle is having.


Why Should You Maintain Your Vehicle Service Intervals?

Maintaining your vehicle’s service intervals is key to keeping your car or truck in proper working order. These service intervals occur at specific mileage marks and can help you make sure you don’t have an issue with your vehicle unexpectedly.

Your local dealer will alert you of a service interval when you come in for an oil change. They will warn you when maintenance is next required on your vehicle and help you understand the service that is required at this time.

Your vehicle may also notify you when a service interval is due by illuminating the check engine or service light in your car or truck. Your dealer will reset these indicators when you have your service performed. It is always a good idea to adhere to this service schedule as you will get additional life out of your vehicle. This can allow you to drive your car or truck longer without issue or the need to have significant maintenance.

You will want to always make sure the main component system within your vehicle is maintained and properly cared for. These systems include the engine, transmission, brake system, power steering system, and cooling system. All of these systems contain fluids that need to be regularly checked and filled.

From time-to-time, you may even need to have these systems flushed, cleaned, and topped off with new fluids. Your local dealer will let you know when these maintenance items need to be attended to. You can rely on your local dealer to help you keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Be sure to follow the maintenance schedule for your vehicle outlined in your owner’s handbook. If you have questions, do not be afraid to speak to your dealer about how they can help.


Get Your Oil Changed at McCluskey Chevy!

When you need an oil change in Cincinnati, visit McCluskey Chevy. We provide full service for your vehicle including a full-point inspection with your oil change. Need your tires rotated? We do that too. Come and see how we can service your vehicle at a price that is affordable and hassle-free. We look forward to seeing you soon!