Easy Ways to Remember Your Next Oil Change

December 29th, 2014 by

Don't Forget Note

You need to get an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles to keep your car in top shape. Clean oil helps to lubricate the engine so that it runs more efficiently and maintains the proper temperature. Old, dirty oil will impair your engine’s performance, put it at risk of overheating, and potentially lead to the need for expensive repairs.

Though you may know how important it is to get an oil change, you may forget about where you are on the schedule. Did you get an oil change last month? Or was it two months ago? Forget about trying to remember where your mileage was.

Creating a system to help you remember your oil change schedule can help you stay on track and avoid potentially costly repairs. Here are a few easy ways to remember your next oil change:

Get an App

Many apps are available to help you remember your next oil change or other car maintenance. Just enter in the date of your last oil change and your mileage, and set the reminder for your next oil change. You might choose to be notified of the approaching date or of the mileage — or both.

Such apps are also useful for keeping a record of your car maintenance. Check out the apps Take 5 Oil Change or Car Care.

Ask Your Service Provider

Many service providers will offer reminders for your next oil change. Cincinnati providers can offer reminders through e-mail or text messages, or they can place a small sticker on your windshield near the driver’s side. You can glance up and see the next date and mileage for your oil change. A clear sticker can be used to reduce the distraction.

Set Reminders on Your Phone

Even if you don’t want to download an oil change app, you can still use your smart phone to set up reminders. Just use the calendar or notes function to create a reminder a couple of weeks before your oil change is due. A little note should pop up on your phone on that day, and a tone should alert you to its presence.

Create a couple of follow-up reminders, similar to the “snooze” on your alarm clock, to ensure that you don’t forget about the reminder after you dismiss it.

Getting a regular oil change is essential to your car’s health and longevity. Use these simple tips to make sure you never forget another oil change. Cincinnati provider McCluskey Chevrolet is happy to create reminders for our customers, including courtesy calls and e-mails.