Where to Find Synthetic Oil Change Coupons

December 6th, 2014 by

Getting a synthetic oil change is a great way to protect your engine and prolong the life of your car. Synthetic oil is a much higher quality of oil, and it will not pollute your engine with as many impurities. It will also help to actively clean impurities out of your engine so that it runs more smoothly and experiences fewer problems.

Despite the benefits, many people opt for the lower-quality oil change instead because it is less expensive. You can make a synthetic oil change more affordable by looking for dealer specials and coupons. Here are a few places you can look for synthetic oil change coupons:

Local Newspaper

The local newspaper is a great place to find all kinds of coupons. While you might think you’ll only find grocery store coupons there, you can actually find coupons for all kinds of services, from hair cuts to oil changes.

Search your local paper each week for synthetic oil change coupons. Even if you find one for a service center you don’t like, the service center you prefer may honor it.

Trade Magazines

Trade magazines publish articles about the automotive industry, as well as classifieds for car sales. You can also find plenty of advertisements there for car dealerships and service stations. Many of them will include coupons for their services with these ads or in a special section of the magazine. Search these magazines regularly to find synthetic oil change coupons.

Service Station Websites

Most service stations offer special coupons and discounts right on their own websites. You may be able to find coupons just by logging on, or you may need to sign up for their email list to get notified of savings. Either way, you’ll be able to get coupons and discounts that aren’t advertised anywhere else.

Don’t skimp on the quality services your car needs because you think you can’t afford it. Find ways to save, such as by using synthetic oil change coupons or taking advantage of dealer discounts. Even if you have to pay full price for the oil change, you’ll be saving money in the long run on potential repairs that the higher quality oil change helped to prevent.