Finding the Right Cargo Van for Your Catering Company

October 18th, 2019 by

Two smiling business owners are holding food in front of a white van in Cincinnati, OH.

While there are plenty of businesses out there that don’t need a commercial vehicle, for those that do, we understand quite well just how important that vehicle can be. In a lot of industries, being able to get to a customer and bring your equipment or supplies with you is a major part of the job. In catering, for example, clients will often need their caterer to bring everything to an event to set up, prepare and serve food, and clean up afterward. That leaves a lot of catering company owners wondering, “What is the best cargo van for catering, and how can it help my business?”

Here at McCluskey Chevy, we work with a lot of commercial clients that come to us looking for a vehicle that will help support and grow their business. Caterers have a hard job, preparing excellent food in a professional kitchen environment is hard enough, but taking that show on the road can be even tougher. Although a lot of food can be prepared ahead of time for a big event, there is still plenty of work that needs to be done on-site with serious deadlines. That means you need the best cargo van for your catering company to make your job as simple as possible.

The following are some things to consider that can help you find the best cargo van for your catering company, no matter what stage of growth your business is at.

Why a Cargo Van?

When you start looking for the best van for your catering company, it can help to consider why you should choose a cargo van in the first place. Vehicles like the Chevy Express Cargo Van are designed to transport a wide array of items safely and securely to wherever you need to go. In order to get the most out of a good cargo van, however, you need to make sure it can meet your specific needs and those of your business. Consider the following…

Size and Weight Limits

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re looking for the best cargo van for catering is how large a vehicle you need. This really comes down to what you typically transport from one location to another. You’ll need to look at your specific needs and the type of catering you provide. For example, if you run a cake shop and need to take large wedding cakes to different sites, then you need a lot of room in the back for that.

On the other hand, if you typically have packaged food, supplies, and dishware loaded up, then you need a large area with plenty of racks and shelving options. Things like chafing dishes, hotel pans, carts, and holding/proofing cabinets take up a decent amount of room. You’ll definitely need something capable of holding all your necessary equipment.

A white Chevy van, what you may find when searching for the best cargo van for catering, is driving on a highway.

The second major consideration you should have when looking for the best cargo van for catering is the amount of weight you typically load up and need to transport. This probably won’t be a major concern for a catering company or similar food service business, but it’s still important. You want to look at the maximum payload of a cargo van and make sure it’s high enough to handle whatever you need to transport – just remember that includes the driver and any passengers.

Finally, consider the towing capacity of any cargo van you look at. If you definitely will never need to tow anything, then this is probably a minor concern for you. However, if there’s a chance you’ll need to tow a trailer with more equipment behind you, or have a large smoker or other item towed behind your van, then this is important.

Interior Features and Storage Options

This is probably one of the most important considerations you should have in mind as you look at different options to help you find the best cargo van for your catering company. It goes hand-in-hand with looking at interior storage size and weight limits but is more specific to your particular needs. You should plan out, as best you can, exactly what you’ll need to have loaded up in your cargo van whenever you are on the job.

Even if you can’t predict every possible need (who can?), you should try to come up with a thorough list of the items you’ll most commonly need to have with you. You can also plan out how much cargo you’ll typically need to transport too, like containers of prepared foods, or crates of dishware. All of these things can quickly add up if you don’t plan for them, so it’s best to consider them when you’re still shopping for a cargo van.

Once you have a good sense of what you’ll need to transport, then look for a cargo van for your catering company that can handle those needs as efficiently as possible. For example, look for a van that has a lot of options for interior storage setups and accessories that will make your job easier. A model like the Chevy Express Cargo Van has many options for you to choose from for shelves, compartments, and storage areas inside the back of the van. This lets you plan out what you need and get a van that will let you take your cargo where you need to go and make your life as simple as possible.

A look at Chevy's Express Commercial van with rear storage.

Other Needs and Accessories

You should also look beyond the things you know you’ll need and try to plan for the future and consider options that might not immediately come to mind. For example, look at the safety features of any cargo van you’re interested in and pick one with the best options and features you can find. The Chevy Express Cargo Van, for example, has available features that include side blind-zone alert, lane departure warning, and forward collision alert. Avoiding a serious collision will not only keep you and others safe but will keep your insurance costs down and prevent additional costs from a crash.

Look for features like built-in Wi-Fi functionality to keep your business running more smoothly. While this is probably not at the top of your list for things you need, it can come in handy more often than you might think and makes sure you can easily stay connected with your team and clients.

A powerful engine can also be very important for getting where you need to go, especially if you live in an area with a lot of hills or rural roads that can be rough without a good cargo van that has a powerful engine. You should also look at other features and options to find the perfect cargo van for your catering business, like optional sliding side doors, rather than a rear swinging door. Some vans also include options for additional passenger seating for employees, as well as navigation functionality to make sure you always get to where you need to go.

Let Us Help Grow Your Business

Here at McCluskey Chevy, we love working with our commercial customers to help them realize their potential as a business. We understand the needs of businesses big and small, which is why we focus on making sure all of our commercial customers get what they need so they can focus on what’s really important: their own customers and their success. Whether you need one vehicle to get your catering business off the ground, or you’re looking to expand to a larger fleet to handle more customers than ever before, we are here to help. Call or stop by today, and we will work with you to make sure you have the tools you need to succeed.