General Motors donates Chevy Volt to conservation efforts in Colorado

September 17th, 2013 by

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With the “green” movement taking off in recent years, the pressure for large corporations to join the party is very real. Whether its implementing stricter recycling programs, or sending out electronic memos and office newsletters, companies are doing every little thing they can to help with environmental issues. Even auto body shops where you go to get an oil change are doing their part for the betterment of the environment. The automotive industry is a very prominent player in the green movement, with all large automakers now offering hybrid and/or electronic vehicle options. The EPA estimates are increasing, and drivers are consuming less gas, and in turn saving at the pump.

Chevrolet is without a doubt a company that has a mission to leave less of a footprint in the world. With various cars that offer great gas mileage, and the electric car, the Volt, Chevrolet has numerous options for those consumers who are environmentally conscious. On top of their engineering efforts, Chevrolet has also teamed up with various groups to do their part for the green effort. General Motors, Chevrolet’s parent company, is donating a Chevy Volt to a nonprofit organization, the Colorado Conservation Trust for an auction that the group holds in support of its “Q is for Conservation” event. The group raises over one million dollars in its seven-year history for conservation projects in Colorado.

Mike Robinson is GM’s vice president of sustainability and global regulatory affairs, and says that, “Our commitment to the environment starts with efficient, lasting products that are fun to drive. We realize the business value in protecting our natural resources and supporting those dedicated to conservation.” The Volt is definitely in line with that, allowing its drivers to go 900 miles between fill ups.