How to Buy Used the Smart Way

September 15th, 2014 by
Used Car Dealerships in Cincinnati

2013 Chevy Impala

If you are in the market for a used car, then you are probably aware that on top of all of the used car dealerships in Cincinnati, there are also a good amount of private sellers out there. Buying used can be a great decision financially, and as long as you take the proper steps to protect yourself, can be a perfectly safe option. However, if you enter into a used car transaction blindly, then you may be taken advantage of, or even worse – ripped off.

Don’t let scammers and the bad luck of others stop you from missing out on a great deal. Follow our simple and easy steps on how to make buying a used car safe, and you will surely end up in the perfect car for you, that will last years and years to come.

Be Prepared: 7 Ways to Buy a Used Car without Being Scammed

  1. Plan it Out. Before hitting the internet or zooming past car dealerships, sit down and make a list of your used car must-haves. Make a column of features you can’t live without, and another that are a WANT, but not a NEED. After you know what you want, hit a site like Kelley Blue Book to find which make/model fits your description. Also get an average price for what you can expect to pay for that particular vehicle.
  2. Budget, Budget, Budget. Look at your finances, and choose a budget that is realistic for you. A budget is not meant to “budge,” so be sure to stick to the number you come up with, and be firm with sellers.
  3. Figure Out Financing. Unless you plan to pay for the car in cash, check out different finance options available to you. Just like you would a house, do your research to ensure that you are getting the best rate.
  4. Get a CarFax. Most reputable dealers will provide a Carfax report, but if they don’t – be sure to do some digging on your own. This report will tell you if the car has ever been in a wreck, or had any claims taken out on it.
  5. Take a Spin. Get behind the wheel and drive. Turn off the radio and listen for noises, take it up and down hills, and play with each gear. If something doesn’t seem right, trust your gut and move on.
  6. Have it Inspected. Have a trusted mechanic take a peek under the hood to make sure there are no major mechanical issues that the seller is trying to hide.
  7. Be Prepared for Anything. Don’t be too eager, and be prepared to walk away if your gut tells you to. Shop around to make sure the price you end up paying is a good one.