How to Keep Your Coupons Organized

December 30th, 2014 by

Coupons can help you save money on everything from produce to pants. If you collect coupons and develop the right strategy for using them, you could purchase what you need at a small fraction of the price or even get it for free. There are many stories online of people who get $300 worth of groceries for $30.

You can get the same kind of savings on your car maintenance if you are smart. If you are looking for oil change coupons, Cincinnati providers offer a variety of savings. Alignments, new tires and transmission services can all be purchased on discount with the right coupons.

Keeping your coupons organized can help you find what you need when you need it and ensure that you get the best discounts. Here are a few ways to keep your coupons organized:

Create a Coupon Binder

If you shove coupons into your wallet, purse or anywhere else they fit, you will probably forget about them and never use them. If you want to remember what coupons you have and make them easily accessible, you’ll need to create a binder full of coupons.

Use sheet protectors to hold the coupons so they don’t get lost and to make it easy to flip through what you have.

Organize by Date

The biggest waste of coupons happens because they expire. You might intend to use them, but you don’t realize that they are ready to expire and don’t get to them in time.

When you set up your coupon binder, make sure you organize by date. Keep the ones with the soonest expiration dates at the top of your binder. You’ll know you need to use those first.

Download an App

Not all coupons are the kind you print out or cut out. Some can be kept right on your phone and scanned from there.

Coupon apps help you find and organize the coupons you need. You can sort them by type and date, helping you to get the right coupon for every occasion. You can also search the app to find specific coupons, such as oil change coupons. You can also search by location to make sure you are finding coupons for local providers.

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