Keep Your Car Running All Summer Long!

June 12th, 2014 by

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As your number one source for new and used cars for sale in Cincinnati, here at McCluskey Chevrolet we love to bring you information that will help keep your vehicle running smoothly. Whether you drive a brand new Chevrolet Silverado, or a previously owned vehicle from another brand – we have everything you need to know about keeping your car in tip-top shape. Cincinnati winters can be pretty bad, and it seems like a no-brainer to get your vehicle ready for the frigid temperatures and icy road conditions. Unfortunately, not may remember to do the same for their vehicle before summer. The temps can be hot here in Cincinnati, and we have what you need to ensure your car runs smoothly all summer long!

Check Fluid Levels

Spring and summer can bring some pretty intense rain to the Queen City, so be sure to check your wiper fluid to make sure it is full. If you bring your vehicle in for an oil change, ask the technician to check your fluid levels and top them off for you. Many places will do so free of charge.

Check Your Tires

Whether you plan on taking any long road trips or not – this one is important. There are three easy steps to ensure your tires will withstand the heat and wear of summer weather:

  1. Check your tire pressure. Make sure that it complies with your owners manual. Having proper pressure can mean the difference between great fuel economy, and stopping every other hour.
  2. After a long winter, you want to be sure the tire tread is good. You can take a penny and set it in a tread – as long as Honest Abe’s head is partially covered by the tread, you are all set! If not, it may be time for new tires!
  3. Make sure your spare tire is ready, just in case!

Check Your Signals & Lights

Be sure that your turn signals, headlights, and tail lights are all in working order. It’s too easy to forget about this part of our vehicle, and having one out can mean a ticket, or even an accident.

Stay Safe!

Stay safe on the road this summer, and always remember to bring your vehicle in to McCluskey Chevrolet if you think something is wrong!