Keep Your Vehicle Running Smooth With an Oil Change in Cincinnati

June 27th, 2018 by

Oil Change Cincinnati


Most people know that you are supposed to change your oil after a certain amount of miles. So, what happens when you don’t? A myriad of things are affected by the condition of the oil that pumps through your vehicle’s engine and powertrain system over time. The oil in your car is a major player in how well and how smoothly your engine runs. At McCluskey Chevy we want our customers to be well-informed about regular maintenance that should be performed on their vehicles, including getting your routine oil change here in Cincinnati. So, here are a few things every driver should know about getting their oil changed.

What is The Point of An Oil Change?

Most people know that regularly scheduled oil changes are essential, however, they may not know exactly why. The engine in a car, truck, or SUV has many, many parts and intricacies that are running all the time. What makes these moving parts important to the oil change? The oil is what lubricates these parts and pieces and allows them to spin and move with ease and function correctly. Without a well-lubricated engine, there is no way that drivers would be able to keep their cars running well for very long.

How Will My Vehicle Be Benefitted By an Oil Change?

As we have already seen, oil changes are important to the function of your vehicle. To keep it running at an optimum level, an oil change is crucial. For drivers who want their vehicles to remain dependable and high-performing, getting an oil change in Cincinnati should become a regular part of your vehicle maintenance for many reasons, such as:

  • Keeping Your Engine Running at An Optimum Level – When you drive your car, truck, or SUV, there are so many moving parts running alongside each other – pistons and valves, to name a few. Because these parts run at high-speeds on a daily basis, it is crucial that there is clean, high-quality oil running through these parts to keep them well lubricated.
  • Keep it Clean – If you don’t change your oil one of the worst things that happens is that dirt builds up in all of these small parts.
  • Keep it Cool – When small parts that are all running alongside each other are dirty from unchanged and old engine oil, friction is created. Keeping your engine cool is crucial to keeping these parts running well.
  • Keep it Efficient – Many people don’t think of this one. However, fuel efficiency is significantly affected by the cleanliness and the quality of your engine oil. The dirtier your engine oil becomes, the more fuel your vehicle has to consume to run. While the amount of gas used on an average perspective is not huge, every gallon overused quickly becomes costly, especially with today’s gas prices.
  • Keep it Longer –  Regular oil changes in Cincinnati will extend your vehicle’s lifespan. Dirty engine oil creates many problems for vehicles. This may be the most popular reason people know they should change their oil on a regularly recommended schedule, and with good reason. A car, truck, or SUV is an important, and sometimes expensive, investment – protect that investment with regular engine oil changes.

What to Look for When Shopping Around for An Oil Change

Drivers can find many daily-deal oil changes all around Cincinnati. The question remains, does it matter who changes your oil? Absolutely. Here’s Why:

  • When to Change – A qualified dealership, like McCluskey Chevy, will know just the right time when you should schedule oil changes for your specific vehicle. Working with a dealership will let them get to know your driving habits and be able to adjust their recommendations for when to change your oil, so it is specifically suited to your vehicle and driving needs.
  • Confidence – It’s never a good time when you are unsure about who has their hands underneath the hood of your car, truck, or SUV. Many oil change places often offer deals, specials, and more to entice you into changing your vehicle’s oil with them. However, a little more cash upfront will save you a bucket load of hassle later. A qualified dealership, like McCluskey Chevy, will know exactly what kind of oil your specific vehicle needs and will also know how your driving patterns call for the certain kind of oil.
  • Warranty – Here is a very important factor to consider. When you purchase a vehicle, your warranty will state how many oil changes you should have in a specified amount of time in order to optimize vehicle performance as well as stay under the warranty. This applies to both used and new cars, trucks, or SUVs. Check with your Chevy dealership for the details that are provided relating to the oil change needs for your specific vehicle under your warranty.

Get Your Oil Change in Cincinnati With McCluskey Chevy!

Here at McCluskey Chevy, our commitment to above the bar customer service does not stop when you drive off of our lot. Our expertly trained customer service staff will help you schedule an oil change, as well as keep you up to date with when you need to schedule the change throughout the year, depending on the needs of your specific car, truck, or SUV. They will also help you stay within your warranty with oil change reminders and scheduling. As part of our commitment to our Cincinnati customers, we love to help our loyal drivers remember when it is time to maintain their vehicle with an oil change in Cincinnati. When it’s time to change your oil, be sure to get in touch with our sales team and our expertly trained service team who will remind you, schedule your service, and perform an oil change on your vehicle using only the best oil for your vehicle. We will also make sure that you are scheduled for future oil changes via the method of your choice in order to help keep you and your vehicle running smoothly.