Keep Your Vehicle’s Showroom Shine & Help Maintain Your Vehicles Value

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Paint Protection

Everyday our vehicles can experience a beating and we do not even know or realize it is occurring! Our vehicles get hit by the sun, the weather, pollution, bug guts, and bird droppings to name a few and all these things can do major harm to our vehicles. Not to mention the beating we can put on the interior of our vehicles…..drink stains, cigarette burn holes, food stains, mud, and dirt to name a few. At McCluskey Chevrolet, we protect our new vehicles with Strike Force, a product that brings a full line of protection for your vehicle. Not only does Strike Force protect your vehicle it also helps maintain both the good looks and also the resale value of the second largest investment you will ever make, your newly purchased vehicle.

Strike Force is a leader in vehicle protection! It is a Paint Sealant, a Fabric Protector, a Leather/Vinyl Protector, a Rust Inhibitor, and they also offer an Undercoat to protect the undercarriage of your vehicle. Strike Force is backed by A+ rated limited 5 year warranty as strong as the product.

Strike Force is offered in 3 Packages:

1. Paint & Fabric Protection Package-  $499 – Protects  the Paint from fading, chalking, gloss loss, acid rain, bird poop, tree sap, bug guts, uv damage, spotting from hard water, and road salts. Protects the fabric (cloth, leather, vinyl, carpet) from food and drink spills, bleaches/dyes, ink, fade, cracked dash, uv damage, mold/mildew, bubble gum, crayon, make up products, blood, and regurgitation. Covered by a 5 year Warranty.

2.  Paint & Fabric PLUS Rips, Tears, Burns, Punctures Package- $699– Protects everything the Paint & Fabric Protection Package covers PLUS rips and tears in the interior up to 6 inches and burns and puntures up to 1 inch. Covered  by a 5 year Warranty.

3.  The Complete Package- $899– Covers everything Packages 1 & 2 cover PLUS Rust Preventative & Undercoating. Rust Preventative stops rust through corrosion perforation. Undercoat Underbody Protection protects the undercarriage of your vehicle from salt, sand, and stone brusies. It also reduces road noise and provides a finished underbody look.

At McCluskey Chevrolet, not only do we offer these 3 unbelievable packages we also offer the McCluskey Chevrolet Certificate of Increased Value on all vehicles with Strike Force applied. What this means is that if you apply Strike Force to your new vehicle, McCluskey Chevrolet will hand you a $500 certificate guaranteeing an EXTRA $500 of Resale Value when you trade your vehicle back into McCluskey Chevrolet in the future. With this great offer, you have nealry paid for your Strike Force application!

Buying a new vehicle is the 2nd largest investment that one will ever make! Why not protect your 2nd biggest investment by protecting it with Strike Force and at the same time adding value to your investment.

The McCluskey Chevrolet / Strike Force motto….Keep your vehicle’s showroom shine and help maintain your vehicle’s value!

Stop in and see us for some more Strike Force information and do not hesitate to ask one of our sales consultants to show you our live Strike Force Showroom Demonstration.

Walt Kelsey- Sales Manager

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