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Keys can be cut by most General Motors Dealerships even if you do not have a key to trace. General Motors has key codes accessible to all GM dealers for vehicles starting in 1990. So if you do not have ONSTAR to help you when your keys have been accidentally locked in the car, your local GM dealer may be able to help. For security and protection against auto theft, your local dealer will require vehicle ownership verification. The following documentation must be provided:

Copy of the driver’s license

Copy of the title or insurance card

Copy of the registration

Vehicle license plate number

The addresses on the above documents must all be the same


This information will ensure that the key codes are being given to the owner or that exact vehicle. For security and protection against auto theft, Dealer Personal must verify vehicle ownership before providing replacement keys, key numbers and/or security chips. Verification should include positive identification of requester and verification of vehicle ownership through registration. Dealership must make a permanent file, by VIN of all key requests; the file must include copies of the following:

Government issued picture ID (Drivers License)

Vehicle’s registration or other proof of ownership

Copy of the paid customer receipt which has the name of the employee who cut and sold the key to the customer.


If vehicle ownership cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, Key Codes or Keys will not be provided.

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