Looking For Superior Safety? Look To Your Chevy Dealer

March 29th, 2017 by

Few features make more of a difference to today’s drivers than safety. Between growing families, aging drivers, and a whole generation of teens and young adults just buying their first new vehicles, safety has become a prime concern for automakers and buyers everywhere. Folks want vehicles that can take the worst of what the roads have to offer – even the unexpected. That’s why so many manufacturers have made advanced safety systems major selling points in their 2017 lineups – but as much progress has been made in the past decade, few can still match the extensive safety prowess found in every Chevy vehicle.

That’s because every Chevy waiting at your local Chevy Dealers near Columbus, Ohio brings with it decades of high-quality Chevy construction, underpinned with reliably tough materials and supplemented with some of today’s most impressive responsive and preventative safety technology. Take just one spin in a new Chevy vehicle and you’ll see this classic American automaker is not messing around when it comes to protecting Chevy drivers around the world.

Here’s a look at some of the most impressive safety features found throughout the 2017 Chevy lineup. See for yourself just how much Chevy does to keep everyone behind the wheel of a Chevy vehicle safe and sound, both before and after danger strikes out on the road.

High-Strength Construction Means High-Quality Protection

A huge part of what makes Chevy vehicles so capable when it comes to taking the brunt of the damage during a collision is their impressively sturdy construction, utilizing some of the toughest materials around to craft a lineup of vehicles that can take just about anything the world can throw at them.

Take, for instance, the much-heralded 2017 Chevy Traverse: a capable, family-friendly SUV with seating for eight and room for the whole family to relax on those long trips to the vacationland. The 2017 Traverse is no joke when it comes to protection either – built to handle rough collisions with the grace of a safety net. The Traverse features a high-strength steel cage designed to stay sturdy where it counts and to crumple where it’s safest to do so. This helps reduce the energy transferred to passengers during a collision, keeping you safe and your family as out of harm’s way as possible even in an unexpected crash.

This sturdy construction comes mated to standard frontal, side-curtain, and head curtain airbags on all sides, as well as an industry-first Front Center airbag to prevent the driver and passenger from colliding in the event of a side-impact collision or rollover collision. These work in unison to provide all-around protection for every one of your passengers, even in the scariest crash situations

Responsive Services There in Case the Worst Happens

While protecting passengers from the damage done in the first few seconds after a collision is of monumental importance, Chevy also recognizes that a crash doesn’t end when the motion stops. In many cases, the most dangerous period for passengers is actually the time between the collision and the response from emergency services. This is when unseen injuries can get worse, and otherwise, benign-seeming damage can show its true colors. That’s why Chevy knows the value of emergency response technology, and that’s evident in every 2017 Chevy on the road today.

Choose a safety-conscious Chevy and you’ll have chosen a vehicle that’s ready to respond the instant a collision occurs, which can send help before you even realize what’s happened. That’s thanks to the available OnStar Automatic Crash Response System, which instantly relays vital information to a trained OnStar Advisor, who can send emergency help right away to your exact location. This system comes standard for the first three months on any new Chevy, and comes included for your Chevy’s lifetime when you choose the available Guidance Plan.

While nothing can substitute a well-attentive, focused driver, having a bit of backup can offer serious peace of mind when you’re out there on the road – especially if you’ve got that most important cargo, your family, and loved ones, in tow.

Prevent the Worst with the Best in Safety Tech

Of course, we’ve all heard the old adage that the best way to prevent damage in the future is with just a small amount of prevention in the present – and when it comes to staying safe out on the road, Chevy certainly takes this to heart. That’s why Chevy packs almost every one of its 2017 models with the latest and greatest in preventative safety technology, all of which offers drivers unseen support on the road to catch oncoming dangers before they happen and offer gentle correction to keep everyone in the cockpit as safe as can be.

Just take the 2017 Chevy Equinox, a family-ready crossover that’s known far and wide as an excellent safety option for drivers – and for good reason. That’s because the 2017 Equinox packs in a whole host of preventative safety tech, all of which works in tandem to keep you safe even when you least expect it.

Smart camera sensors on the front of your Equinox are able to scan the traffic ahead for stopped or slowing vehicles and can even sound an alert so that you can take swift corrective action. Similarly, the available Rear Cross Traffic Alert uses radar sensors to monitor traffic passing behind when you’re backing your Equinox up, while a standard rear vision camera visually warns you of those vehicles before a collision occurs. Alongside these, Rear Park Assist, Side Blind Zone Alert, and Lane Departure Warning each offer additional preventative safety measures to offer total surround safety any time you take a seat in your 2017 Equinox.

Safety is simply nothing to play around with, and both drivers and automakers know that all too well. Chevy, however, proves it’s thinking on a whole different level, making the best in safety tech within easy reach for just about anyone who sits behind the wheel of a 2017 Chevy. Check one out today and see for yourself just how modern Chevys work to keep you safe – and with luck, you’ll never even need to see these features in action.