More Cowbell? “No!” Says Australia.

July 24th, 2012 by

How many times have you heard someone yell, “more cowbell”? It has universal appeal…or so we thought. Let us here at McCluskey Chevrolet, your  Used Car Dealer Cincinnati, tell you about one man who is being punished for his love of that wonderful instrument.

In the Australian town of Stallhofen, a farmer has been ordered by the court to remove the cowbells from his herd of cattle. Apparently, the noise is becoming an issue. The neighbors in the area have been complaining that the cows are moving and eating at night, ringing the bells and keeping them awake.

The farmer’s name hasn’t been released, but he is adamant about keeping his bells. According to him, they’re an Australian tradition and he shouldn’t be forced to change it simply because some neighbors are a little miffed.

The judge, named Erich Kundergraber, sided with the neighbors though. He said that while the bells are traditional, that only applies to rural areas. The farmer in question actually lives in a busy residential area and, in reality, has no practical need for the bells. Traditionally, the bells are really only necessary for large pastures with no enclosure so that stray members of the herd can be easily found.

Even after the judge’s decision, the farmer is still expressing reluctance to remove the bells. If he continues to refuse, he faces a whopping fine of $120. At this point, we have no idea if that’s per cow or if that’s for the whole bunch.

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