How a Synthetic Oil Change Can Save You Money

December 13th, 2014 by

Car oil filters and motor oil can isolated on white

You might balk at getting a synthetic oil change because of the price. Depending on the service provider and the kind of oil you choose, a synthetic oil change can cost two or three times as much as a conventional oil change. You might automatically choose the conventional oil change to save money right away. Yet doing so could actually be costing you money in the long run.

By using synthetic oil change coupons, you can greatly bring down the cost of the service. However, even if you pay full price for a synthetic oil change, it can still save you a lot of money in the long run. Here’s how:

Less Frequent Oil Changes

Synthetic oil has fewer impurities, and it does not break down as quickly. That means that it provides the protection your car needs for much longer and you don’t have to get an oil change as frequently. In fact, you may need three or four conventional oil changes in the same time that you would only need one synthetic oil change. The exact duration will depend upon the kind of oil used and your driving habits.

Reduced Transportation Costs

Since you won’t need to go into your service station as frequently, a synthetic oil change can also save you money on transportation. If your service station is close, the gas savings may not be much. But in the age of urban sprawl, most people are commuting far distances to work and get the things they need. Therefore, reduced trips to your service station could actually result in big savings.

Fewer Car Repairs

Synthetic oil will not deposit as many contaminants in your engine as conventional oil will. That means that synthetic oil will better protect your engine and reduce the likelihood that you will need repairs that could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Regular synthetic oil changes can help you keep your engine as healthy as possible.

In addition to the cost savings that you can enjoy with a synthetic oil change, you can save even more with the synthetic oil change coupons at McCluskey Chevrolet. We do everything we can to keep costs low for the quality car maintenance that you need.