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That’s right. Car shopping is evolving into a fuss-free experience, void of hassles, haggling, and headaches. The future is upon us, thanks to the innovative efforts of McCluskey’s own website. Think about all the things you dread when it comes to shopping for a new car. We bet pushy sales associates, disappointing inventory, and budget-stretching financing are among the top triggers. But, shopping for a new car doesn’t have to be a lackluster or laborious process.

Considering whether or not you should brave a new car purchase? Check out the online inventory afforded by Let’s face it, you probably shop for everything else online. Why not your next car? Allow us to take you through the incredibly simple steps to this cyber car-buying opportunity. You’ll be amazed by how quick and stress-free the entire endeavor is, thanks to the impressive efforts of McCluskey to create a car shopping solution like

We’re convinced the actual process of purchasing your next car online will exceed your expectations. After all, they are probably pretty low to begin with, so the only way to go from here is up…With, the sky is the limit when it comes to customer service and satisfaction.

Car Shopping is Fun in Cyber Space

Convenience-wise, shopping for a new car online beats dragging yourself from one dealership to the next. No matter where you are – provided you have a reliable internet connection – you can take advantage of the convenience we all love from online shopping. Simply access the website and complete the form, filling in all of the required information, regarding your preferred make, model, model year, and even color preference.

Do some research on those models that best meet your driving needs and focus on your priorities when it comes to your experience behind the wheel. Is it performance? Fuel economy? Safety? Do your homework if you’re not sure, and if you are, fill out the form, hit submit, and let the team take it from here.

What happens next is the team combs through hundreds of national dealer-only auction listings, looking for the models that best represent your desired specifications. Once the specialists have narrowed down the best two to four options for you, they will send the information on each one back to you in an email.

Not only will you have a few models to consider, but the team will also present you with purchasing options. Unlike the pressure and anxiety experienced all too often at too many brick and mortar dealerships, you can review your potential purchase and how to finance it from the privacy of your home, office, Starbucks – wherever you are plugged in and online.

Once you have figured out which model and financing plan works best for you, simply indicate your choices in an email back to the team and let them start the next steps of the process. All that is involved at this point is the crew arranging the necessary relocation logistics to get your car delivered directly to you.

It’s hard to imagine an easier, fuss-free, or more fun way to purchase a new car. Rather than rely on the familiar, but tiresome steps to your next new car, brave a different route and check out the online world of car shopping. With, you’ve arrived at the new frontier.

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