Ticket Cameras Coming To Cincinnati?

November 14th, 2011 by

The National Motorists Association declared a $10,000 Ticket Camera Challenge, hoping to prove engineering solutions are the best way to prevent red-light violations and accidents at problematical intersections. Voters earlier this month were against enforcement by ticket cameras in seven cities, including three each in Ohio and Washington State. In recent years, voters rejected photo traffic enforcement in 22 of 23 cities, including Houston, Albuquerque, and Cincinnati.

NMA is offering this challenge: Communities can point out any intersection equipped with a camera that also has high numbers of red-light violations. The organization is guaranteeing a minimum 50 percent violation reduction through applying engineering solutions. If NMA fails to meet the goal then it promises to pay that community $10,000 for a traffic safety program or project. If their plans succeed, then the community has to use the same engineering-based measures at other problematic intersections, rather than using the ticket camera program, according to the NMA’s news release.

Watch the video below to learn more about these cameras and how it is affecting other parts of the country…

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