To Lift or Not to Lift: Taking Your Used Truck to the Next Level

December 8th, 2023 by

A white 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 High Country is shown driving on a trail after visiting a dealer with used trucks for sale near Monroe.

Were you looking for used trucks for sale near Monroe? Did you find a perfect one on our lot? If so, you might be ready to take your truck to the next level and eke more capability from an already powerful workhorse. We’ve got you covered.

As veterans in the industry and dedicated truck fans, we understand your position entirely. Every truck on our lot embodies the mentality of “work hard, play harder.” Each truck doubles as your work partner through the week and seamlessly transitions into adventure mode on the weekends. But these characteristics are even more appealing when you add a lift kit that brings your off-road dreams to life.

Whether you just purchased a used truck from us or you’re shopping our inventory, we’re here to help. Many truck owners assume that lifts are all the same, but there’s more to a lifted truck than meets the eye. From the various types of lifts to the advantages of installing a lift on a used truck, we’re here to help you decide if lifting your truck is right for you.

Deciding Between a Body Lift or a Suspension Lift

Lifted trucks are not all the same, with different types of lifts serving different purposes. For example, the most straightforward and affordable way to change your truck’s ride height is to add a body lift, which does not impact the truck’s on-road handling or off-road capability. Instead, it gives the truck a taller stance and usually allows for larger tires. A body lift is often done simply for aesthetics, providing the truck with a distinct style or appearance.

While body lifts are budget-friendly and easy to install at home, suspension lifts are far more popular because they extend a truck’s capability. In addition to raising the truck’s ride height, a suspension lift also changes the height of the suspension, making this lift more complex and expensive. Instead of tackling the job in your garage, a suspension lift requires the talents of one of our factory-trained and certified technicians with the know-how to add the new suspension components.

By raising your truck’s suspension, you’re doing more than changing its aesthetics. For example, you may add a suspension lift to your used Chevy Silverado, increasing its ride height and improving its agility on more technical terrain. Likewise, you’re altering its performance and handling, with the lift raising the truck’s center of gravity and allowing for larger tires that can handle the demands of life on and off the pavement.

A close-up of the rear undercarriage of a white 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X is shown.

The Advantages of Driving a Lifted Truck

Driving a lifted truck guarantees you’ll turn heads as you navigate your life in and around Monroe. A lifted truck looks rugged and intimidating, especially parked beside a stock truck. However, there are other advantages to adding a lift beyond this head-turning style:

#1 Greater Visibility in the Driver’s Seat

Any type of lift that raises your truck’s body or suspension improves your visibility in the driver’s seat. While stock trucks naturally sit taller than sedans and offer a higher driving position, this ride height improves when you add a body or suspension lift. Both types of lift increase the truck’s ride height and give you a better view of the road and your surroundings. This increased visibility is helpful anytime you’re behind the wheel, whether running errands around Monroe or exploring venues like Haspin Acres, Rush Off-Road, and Heiney Farm.

#2 Bigger, Beefier Tires

Depending on the type of lift installed, you can add larger, beefier tires to your used truck. Monroe drivers spend a lot of time on the road, but that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for bigger tires that offer greater traction on and off the pavement. For example, a body lift can raise your truck by around three inches, which is often enough to add a larger set of all-terrain tires that won’t rub against the fenders when navigating tight turns. Alternatively, a suspension lift can increase a truck’s height anywhere from two to 10 inches or more, giving you more room to work with as you look for the best tires to help you answer all your driving and adventuring needs.

#3 More Opportunities for Adventure

Adding a suspension lift to your used truck guarantees more opportunities to confidently and successfully answer the call of the wild. While a body lift is typically for aesthetics, a suspension lift does even more by enhancing your truck’s capability and readying it for life beyond the Monroe city limits. Because of this, you’re not limited to the highway or pavement. You can test your truck’s agility and handling on some of the popular and scenic off-road routes throughout central Ohio and beyond.

A suspension lift increases your opportunity for adventure but also gives you the confidence to say “yes.” Driving a stock truck on more technical terrain can be gut-wrenching because every obstacle in your path threatens your truck’s underbody. These damages can be costly, but a suspension lift mitigates that worry by increasing your truck’s ground clearance and heightening its agility when faced with steep ascents and descents or crawling over rocks and downed trees.

#4 Easier Accessibility

Adding a lift to your used truck offers a more practical advantage by making your truck’s underbody more readily accessible. For example—you’re on a trail with friends and need to check the underbody for damage; the lift makes it easy to inspect those otherwise impossible-to-see components quickly. Alternatively, you may prefer to tackle oil changes at home, which makes a lift advantageous since it’s easier to get under the truck and access everything you need without straining your back.

#5 Higher Return on Your Investment

One of the most significant advantages to adding a lift to your truck is knowing that you’re potentially setting yourself up for a higher return on your investment. Buying a used truck is a wise investment that keeps more money in your wallet because you’re avoiding the mile-high sticker price of a new truck and paying closer to the truck’s actual value. This is incredibly advantageous, but you can potentially get more out of that investment when you install a lift.

Lifted trucks are widely popular, with more and more drivers recognizing their advantages. This popularity translates to higher demand, especially on the used lot. When you invest in a high-quality suspension lift and take good care of your rig, you create the perfect recipe for a high resale value when you’re ready to trade. It’s a win-win that helps you get the truck you want and adds to the growing demand for capable, off-road-ready rigs.

A white 2023 Ford F-150 is shown driving on snow.

Bringing Your Truck Dreams to Life: Final Thoughts

Shopping for used trucks for sale near Monroe is incredibly exciting because our vast selection gives our customers everything they need and more in one convenient location. Our inventory is hand-selected, thoroughly vetted for quality, and competitively priced. This trifecta is only bettered by the friendliness of our team and their willingness and excitement to help you bring your truck dreams to life. So, what does that dream look like?

If you want to give your truck a unique aesthetic but aren’t interested in exploring beyond the pavement, a body lift is an excellent solution. Affordable and easy to install in our service center or from the comfort of your garage in Monroe, a body lift will increase your truck’s ride height and make room for larger tires without impacting your truck’s performance. Alternatively, if you dream of venturing beyond the Monroe city limits and getting a little mud on the tires, there’s no question that a suspension lift is the answer.

Whichever you choose, we’re here to help. Our excitement is palpable because, as long-time truck fans, we know the perks of driving a lifted truck. We’re happy to share our expertise and the talents of our factory-trained technicians, doing whatever it takes to bring your vision to life and enhance your life in Monroe.