Top Myths about Electric Vehicles

October 27th, 2014 by

Chevrolet is expanding its foray into the eco-friendly vehicle market, with another electric vehicle that’s rumored to compete with market leader, the Tesla Model S. The automaker already produces the Chevy Volt and the Spark, which is limited to distribution in the West Coast. However, you can still find some models of the Spark when you shop used cars. Cincinnati dealership McCluskey Chevrolet offers great values on all types of Chevy models.

Whether you are thinking about the new Chevrolet Sonic or are considering picking up a Volt or Spark, you may be feeling hesitant because of some of the myths you’ve heard about electric or hybrid vehicles. Here are a few of the top myths you may have heard about electric vehicles, which are debunked:

Electric Cars Don’t Go Very Far

The range that electric cars get on a single charge varies by model. Chevy’s new electric vehicle, the Sonic, is planned to get a range of 200 miles on a single charge, which is more than enough for most drivers. However, the vehicles are easily charged, and more charging stations are being made available as the technology is becoming more popular. Drivers can easily charge their cars before they run out of power. Some stations will even offer the ability to charge vehicles very quickly.

Electric Cars are Just as Bad for the Environment

In fact, the batteries used to charge electric vehicles can be easily recycled, and the cars require much less power to run than gasoline-fueled vehicles. Meanwhile, gas is not a renewable resource, and over-consumption of gasoline and oil does negatively impact the environment. Emissions from gas-powered vehicles also contribute to climate change and other negative environmental changes.

Electric Cars are Too Expensive

Chevy’s newest electric vehicle is expected to be on sale in the mid $30,000’s, which is about half the cost of the Tesla Model S. Buying used versions of these electric vehicles can help save even more. Factor in the cost of gas savings, which can be thousands of dollars over the life of the car, and you’ll see that buying an electric vehicle can actually cost you less than buying a gas-powered vehicle.

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