Top Reasons Never to Perform Auto Repair Yourself

February 25th, 2015 by

Woman inspecting broken car engine.

Car repair can be expensive, and you might feel tempted to do some of the work yourself to save a few bucks. With all the information available online and the videos on YouTube, you might think it seems easy to do things like change your own brakes or replace your belts. Saving a few hundred dollars sweetens the deal, making it seem like an even better idea.

However, unless you are a trained mechanic, attempting to perform your own auto repair is a mistake. Really, you have no need. If you need car repair, Cincinnati has many excellent providers, including McCluskey Chevrolet.

Here are a few reasons you should never attempt to perform car repair yourself:

You Could Cause Damage

Today’s engines are very sophisticated, and many mechanics use complex diagnostic machinery to determine what repairs need to be made. As an amateur lacking experience and the appropriate machinery, you are very likely to make many mistakes that could not only fail to properly fix the problem but that could also cause other problems. You may not even know that you’ve caused other problems until weeks or months later when you hear knocking or your car breaks down.

You May Overlook Other Problems

Problems with your engine are not always obvious. You could finish working on your car and feel confident that everything is fine but leave behind lingering problems that become much bigger problems later. By attempting to save yourself a little money, you could end up costing yourself much, much more money in the long run.

You Could Void Your Warranty

Many manufacturers require that you take your car to a dealership or to an approved repair center to maintain the warranty. If you attempt to perform the work yourself, you could void your warranty and lose the protection that could save you thousands of dollars.

You might think that no one will know that you’ve done the work, but there are many things that can give you away. Experienced mechanics will know if repair work has been attempted and botched.

Don’t do more damage to your car and cost yourself more money by attempt to cut costs and doing the repair work yourself. For experienced car repair, Cincinnati dealer McCluskey Chevrolet offers some of the best work at some of the best prices. Our expert technicians can perform the work to factory specifications, ensuring that your car is in top shape and provides years of reliable performance.