Top Used Cars to Buy in 2022

May 18th, 2022 by

A red 2018 Toyota Sienna is shown from the side driving on an open road.

Shopping for a car can be a very exciting experience, especially when you decide that a used car is exactly what you’re looking for in your travels. You see, used cars come with an abundance of benefits, including a better selection, more affordable prices, and more available features, so that you’re able to get the car you’ve always wanted. If you’re shopping for used cars in Cincinnati, Ohio, look no further than McCluskey Chevrolet for all of your vehicle requirements. Not only do we have an expansive lot stocked with some of the best options in the industry, we also have a Patented Nationwide Search Tool, so even if you find the car of your dreams across the country, we can get it for you. There are a few vehicles that stand out from the rest, so let’s explore some of our top picks on the used car lot.

Stellar Sedans

Sedans are great for commuters and everyday travelers who prioritize efficiency and handling. They’re able to maneuver through traffic with ease, fit into tricky parking spaces, and require fewer stops at the pump than larger travelers. One of the top-selling sedans year after year is the Honda Civic, known for its athletic demeanor, spunky driving habits, and fierce style. Available in either a coupe or a sedan, drivers are able to harness the excitement they’re looking for in their everyday journey.

If you’re looking for a bit more space in your vehicle, you’ll want to take a look at the Toyota Camry, a crowd-pleaser for decades. With a spacious interior, a delightfully roomy trunk, plus incomparable fuel efficiency, the Camry is a tried-and-true favorite for families, commuters, and other drivers. Opt for models from 2020 and newer to take advantage of TRD off-roading capabilities, with enhanced dampers, wider wheels, and more rugged elements. Whether you’re in the market for a compact or a midsize option, both the Civic and the Camry prove that they’re some of the best cars around.

A man is shown opening the rear liftgate on a silver 2022 Honda CR-V Touring outside of a flower shop.

Sophisticated SUVs

SUVs are having a major moment in the spotlight, and it’s no surprise why. Not only are they larger than sedans, they handle impeccably well and offer features that make your drive more focused, safer, and more exciting. Our top compact pick is the Honda CR-V, with two engines to choose from that offer the power and efficiency you need in your ride. Outstanding cargo space and a comfortable interior allow the CR-V to enhance the driving experience for anyone lucky enough to step foot inside.

A midsize option that has captured the attention of many drivers over the years is the Ford Explorer, marked by refined driving dynamics, excellent use of its interior, and plenty of room to handle your gear. Opting for models from 2020 and newer will allow you to enjoy its latest redesign, which features even better handling and control on the road, as well as style upgrades to enhance its appeal. For those who are looking for maximum space, the Chevy Suburban is always a people pleaser. Perfect for families or those transporting a lot of people and gear around town or cross-country, the Suburban is one of the best large-scale haulers around. An all-new generation was introduced for the 2021 model year, which features a longer stance to handle more, as well as an enhanced air suspension system and more technology throughout.

Top Trucks

There are times when your travels require more power, and that’s where trucks come in to save the day. When you’re shopping from the used inventory, you’re able to harness more power and capabilities for a much better price. If you’re searching for a pleasing midsize offering, one of the best-selling models on the road is the Toyota Tacoma. It’s a superior off-roader, capable workmate, and exciting everyday traveler, making it a go-to choice for many drivers. Choose models from 2021 to take advantage of an exclusive Tacoma Trail Edition model, which showcases 16-inch TRD-style wheels, black badging, a specialized grille, and more bold elements.

If you’re looking for more power, you may want to take a closer look at the Ram 1500 models, which boast incredible capabilities, both on and off-road. Experiencing a nice redesign in 2019, you can expect multiple powertrains available, including a diesel and a hybrid system, as well as top-notch styling inside and out. When it’s time to tackle any type of task, you’ll be able to do so with confidence in a Ram.

Family-Friendly Minivans

Between all of the drop-offs at school, sports practice, dance class, doctor’s appointments, and everything else a typical family has scheduled in the day, you don’t have time for a vehicle that can’t keep up. There’s no better option that provides the space and features you need to keep rambunctious travelers at bay than a minivan, and we have a few family favorites. The first is the Honda Odyssey, which wows with its cavernous interior, unmatched cargo volume, and features designed with families in mind. Newer models will showcase a built-in vacuum, which comes in handy for all those ‘uh oh’ moments you hear from the backseat, plus loads of configurable space to handle groceries, football gear, and more.

Another popular minivan is the Toyota Sienna, and if you want to harness unparalleled style and extreme function, this minivan has it all. Opting for models from 2021 will allow you to take advantage of an all-new hybrid powertrain, as well as an even more enhanced style inside and out. When you’re looking to transport your family and need the type of space only a minivan can provide, these two options reside at the top of the list.

A green 2022 BMW 5-Series is shown after looking at used cars in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Upscale Luxury Travelers

One of the best parts about buying used is being able to afford a vehicle with features that may have been out of financial reach if buying brand-new. This is especially the case when luxury is on your mind. There are a number of luxury cars that will inspire you, and the BMW 5-Series happens to top our list.

An upscale ambiance awaits in this eye-catching car, and choosing models from 2021 will allow you to enjoy an available hybrid powertrain, a large 12.3-inch infotainment system, and more appealing features throughout. Another favorite is the Lexus RX, which showcases a breath-taking design, unrivaled fuel efficiency, and a high-quality ride. Choosing models from 2020 will allow you to enjoy a selection of refreshed exterior colors, new wheel designs, and enhanced style upgrades inside its posh cabin.

Thrilling Performance Cars

Finally, there’s nothing better than getting behind the wheel of an iconic sports car that’s mesmerized you for years, which is exactly what you can expect when you shop with us. We have access to some of the most impressive options all across the country, so if you have your eye on a specific sports car, we can help you find it. One of the top-selling used performance vehicles of all time is the Chevy Corvette, which has experienced quite a bit of revitalization these past couple of years. From a new mid-engine location in recent models to more aerodynamic styling, the Corvette is, and always has been, an absolute legend on the road and on the track.

We also like the Subaru WRX if you’re into a thrill-induced travel experience. With a loyal following, the WRX not only showcases an exhilarating ride, but its style is both intimidating and confident, with outstanding visibility and some of the most eye-catching design elements on the road. Superior all-wheel drive capabilities, an exciting turbocharged engine, and plenty of ways to modify it to suit your needs are what make the WRX stand out from the crowd.

Endless Possibilities

When you shop from our used car inventory, you get to enjoy an even better selection than if you were to buy new. Imagine finding the vehicle that you’ve always wanted, complete with every single feature you’ve envisioned, all for a price that you can enjoy. At McCluskey Chevrolet, we work diligently to bring all of this to you, and the proof is in our commitment to finding you the car that works for your travel needs and your budget. Stop by for a test drive of one of our impressive used models or browse our nationwide inventory to find the vehicle that will take your daily drive to new levels.