Traverse the Equinox (With Your Chevy Dealer)

August 25th, 2017 by

If looking for a Chevy dealer, Columbus residents might have found themselves inspired by any number of things. Maybe they’re influenced by the dependability synonymous with Chevrolet, as the brand is one of the leading domestic manufacturers. Perhaps they’ve taken note of Chevrolet’s popularity within the state, with the Colorado, Impala and Silverado ranking among Ohio’s ten favorites. They might also be excited by some of the innovative technologies which Chevrolet has injected into their line over the recent model years.

Whatever the motivation for visiting a Chevy Dealer, Columbus drivers have a lot to be excited about. From design and safety, to performance and fuel efficiency, Chevrolet vehicles continue to garner a wealth of accolades. Take the time to visit and see for yourself. Chevy’s offerings place consistently among Car and Driver’s 10 Best, acquire several ‘Car of the Year’ awards from the likes of MotorTrend and Green Car Journal, show exemplary value as recognized by Kelley Blue Book, and reaffirm safety and dependability as validated by J.D. Power and Associates and the IIHS. Whether you’re excitedly shopping for your first car, or seeking to upgrade your family vehicle, your Chevy Dealer in Columbus has you covered.

However, if you’re among the latter group (or just interested in crossover SUV offerings) this is for you…


Leaving No Stone Unturned

From the sporty, urban practicality of the accessibly-priced Trax (starting at $21,000 MSRP) to the power and majesty of the iconic Suburban (starting at $49,915 MSRP), Chevrolet offers a well-realized (and nicely tiered) array of crossover and SUV designs. And while both of the aforementioned models have very niche audiences, the sweet spot rests right in the middle of Chevy’s line.

Don’t get us wrong, we also love the best-selling confident Tahoe (starting at $47,215 MSRP), but Chevy’s gamut is bridged by two of the most effective offerings within the line. Affordably priced, effectively styled, and representing enduring appeal, we’re talking about the Equinox and the Traverse. And you should be talking about them, too…


Bringing Balance

Meaning ‘of equal length’ and symbolizing balance, the aptly-named Equinox balances the expectations of the more conservative crossover SUV buyer. Designed to encompass the wants and needs of any driver, the blend of style, technology, performance, and safety make the Equinox impressively successful. It truly is the perfect segue from urban practicality to rural versatility and, being priced at $23,580 MSRP to start, it will fit most budgets.

Not excited? Well, the 2018 Equinox marks a full (and somewhat overdue) redesign. Now in its ninth model year (nearly four decades in “car years,” according to the math geeks we keep locked up in The Nerdery), the redesign of the Equinox is both timely, and effective.

First things first, the 2018 Equinox reflects a reduction in both size and weight, creating a smaller overall footprint from previous model years. Combined with a new series of turbocharged engine options (replacing the tired four-banger base option of previous model years) the updated Equinox surges with renewed vitality. With a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder (paired with a six-speed automatic transmission) serving as the new base option, the expectation of 170 horsepower and 203 lbs-ft of torque is a nice place to start. The option of upgrading to the turbocharged 2.0-liter (with a nine-speed automatic transmission) comes with the expectation of 252 horses and 260 lbs-ft. That’s a lot of get-up-and-go to fit into this smaller footprint, and would be our pick of the two. But consider the third option of the fuel-efficient 1.6-liter diesel (delivering a more reserved 137 horsepower and 240 lbs-ft) and you gain the appeal of up to 40 mpg combined. With even the non-diesel options still delivering mpg in the low-30s, the Equinox takes on the Honda CR-V, Ford Escape, and Toyota RAV-4 head-to-head with confidence. If these options aren’t enough to create some excitement about the new Equinox, you might want to re-evaluate what you’re looking for.


Go the Distance

The Traverse is another example of Chevy’s knack for name selection. This where the sense of balance, established by the Equinox, begins its journey to become something more. For those who may require increased seating options, the Traverse seats eight within a midsize body. A slight increase to the wheelbase also delivers more rear cargo space than the likes of the Honda Pilot and Ford Explorer.

Priced to start at $29,930 MSRP, there is a wealth of trim levels to be ‘traversed’ (get it?) With a 3.6-liter V6 (paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission) serving as the base engine for all trims, but with an output of up to 288 horsepower and 270 lbs-ft of torque, how much more do you need? A combined fuel-economy of 17-18 mpg is solidly in-line with other V6 crossovers, and (properly-equipped) the Traverse boasts a higher-than-average 5,200 LB towing capacity.


Look Deeper 

No matter which is a better fit for the unique demands of your lifestyle, both the Equinox and Traverse offer an interior design that is both luxury-inspired in its layout and use of materials, and innovative in its inclusion of tech amenities.

Even at the more base trim levels both are well-proportioned, which speaks to comfort. With higher trims able to best most in-class competition in terms of material selection, the Equinox and Traverse remain an affordable alternative to higher-priced luxury crossover SUVs.

The available tech is both timely, and unique. With Bluetooth connectivity, and the option of 4G LTE Wi-Fi (via OnStar subscription), Chevy meets what are becoming the base expectations of any passenger.

Safety is further encouraged through such features as Forward Collission Alert, Low-Speed Automatic Braking, Lane Keep Assist, and Departure Warning. Chevy thinks ahead by looking behind, and granting similar assurance in Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Side Blind Zone Alert. With ‘Surround Vision’ granting a bird’s eye view, you can park with the same confident ease that you can drive forward.


A Journey of Equal Lengths

Whether you favor the balance of the refreshed Equinox, or require the spacious Traverse for the next leg of your adventure, you are bound to be satisfied