A Truck or an SUV? That is the Question

November 15th, 2014 by

When you shop Chevy dealers in Ohio, you will find a wide variety of both trucks and SUVs. McCluskey Chevrolet carries models from some of the top name brands at some of the best prices.

One of the primary reasons that many people consider buying a truck or SUV is that they want more cargo space. However, when they start shopping, they may be surprised to find models with a lot of similar features and comparable prices, making it hard for them to make a choice.

Here are a few things to consider that can help you choose between a truck or an SUV:

What Do You Need to Haul?

Even if a truck and an SUV both have the same capacity for cargo, they won’t both necessarily meet your needs. For example, while a stump grinder might fit in your SUV, you might not want to put it in there. The sawdust and dirt will get all over your carpets and your interior, creating a mess. If you put a stump grinder in the bed of a truck, you can just spray out the dirt later with a hose.

Consider what you’ll be hauling when making your choice. If you just need to load up kids’ gear, an SUV is probably the better choice. If you have a lot of yard tools or power equipment to haul, you might want to get a truck.

How Many Passengers Will You Have?

Trucks are best for those who don’t travel with much of an entourage. If you have a family, you might be best with an SUV. Some trucks are outfitted with an extended cab that can provide as much passenger room as a typical sedan, but the quarters will be a bit more cramped. The seats also won’t accommodate a car seat in most instances.

How Much Will You Drive?

Trucks aren’t known for getting the best gas mileage, though technology is slowly improving fuel efficiency. While some SUVs get slightly better gas mileage, many are on par with trucks. It is important that you think carefully about how much you will drive and choose a model that gives you the best gas mileage for your money.

Ultimately, the choice between a truck or an SUV comes down to personal choice. However, thinking through these and other issues can help you decide what will best meet your needs.

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