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The used car industry is booming, with more savvy consumers looking to save without skimping on the modern tech and amenities expected from the current automotive market. Fortunately, for those of you looking for used cars in Columbus, you are in a place of privilege. What we mean by that is you’re geographically situated in just the right place to take full advantage of what your hometown McCluskey Chevrolet dealership recently launched. As simple as counting 1-2-3, take a look at the latest innovation, McCluskey’s own

Fast Forward to the Future of Used Car Shopping with

The future of car buying – whether used or new – is increasingly moving into a new space: cyberspace, to be exact. Always cutting edge and aware of future trends, the team at McCluskey Chevrolet has designed a new sales function – a website called The domain couldn’t be any easier to remember, which is reflective of just how very easy the actual purchasing process is.

What successfully does is deliver an ideal shopping experience – one rarely, if ever, associated with the task of shopping for a used car. How does redefine used car shopping? By removing all the things you hated about the experience in the first place, from the endless legwork, visit after visit to used car lot, seedy sales associates, pushy negotiations, and more often than not, wallet-crushing buyer’s remorse.

So, if you’re ready to say goodbye to all of that nonsense permanently, then take a step towards the future of car buying. It’s as simple as positioning yourself comfortably in front a computer screen with reliable internet access. Settle in and stretch those fingers. Sifting through used cars has never been so convenient or more fun. We’ll take you through the process, step-by-step, though you’ll soon see that shopping for a used car online is more intuitive than you might realize. With so many purchases made online these days, leave it to McCluskey to ask, why not cars?

Why not, indeed? We’re pretty confident that once you see how easy it is to shop for used cars online, you’ll never want to set foot in a dealership ever again. Education is key to lasting change, so let us take you to the new frontier of car shopping by officially introducing you to McCluskey’s own

Step One: Searching for Used Cars via




Actually, when it comes to finding your used car online via, the immediate perk is that you don’t have to do the legwork with respect to actually searching or clicking through pages upon pages of inventory that might not even line up with what your actually looking for. Instead, determine what it is you are looking for, by entering the make, model, model year, even the color, of your ideal used car, into the submission form on the site. Hit submit and let the team take it from there.

The part of the process that you can’t see involves the team reviewing your submitted request and then culling through those endless lists of inventory, but the difference is, the team has access to those lists provided exclusively by national dealer-only auctions. This isn’t Craigslist or some other cobbled collection of local used cars. This is a nation-wide listing of used cars from the most competitive and beloved automakers on the market today. When it comes to used cars, we’re sure you’ve never been presented with such a range of solid choices. But choice is the name of the game when it comes to McCluskey’s team mission to find the used car that lines up with, if not exceeds, your expectations.

Step Two: Choosing Between Your Competitive Options

Even though does all the work for you when it comes to locating that used car you’ve been looking for, you’ll still be presented with the task of choosing between two, three, or four used car models provided by’ completed search. Rather than just send you the listing for one car that matches your requested specifications, gives you options. The team will narrow the competitors to the top two to four contenders, but the ultimate decision is yours to make. Weigh the pros and cons of each one, just as you would if you were standing on the actual car lot or showroom floor.

Step Three: Financing Your Used Car



Just as you’ll have a choice when it comes to picking out your used car from a short, but precisely compiled list, provided by, you’ll also have some decisions to make when it comes to financing. When emails you with the used cars the team has found, they will also include various financing options for each model. Here, too, consider your financing just as you would if you were in a dealership’s financing department. Given that you’re looking for a used car in the first place, your budget is clearly a consideration. Review your personal financial numbers carefully and then weigh them against your used car choices. Once you’ve arrived at a solid decision, one that you feel confident making, simply indicate your choice via email back to and the team will take it from there.

As soon as your financing has been approved by the team, they will then take the necessary steps to relocating your vehicle from its point of origin to the Columbus, OH area. Where exactly in Columbus, OH or the neighboring areas? How about your very own driveway?

Redefining One-Stop Shopping, Thanks to McCluskey’s


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Really, when it comes to shopping with McCluskey’s own, we’re not talking one-stop as much as no-stop shopping. You can start the process from wherever you are – your office, home, home office, wherever – and get the ball rolling on financing and approval without ever stopping into the dealership. Once you submit that form to, there is no stopping. The team will track down that used car for you and all you need to do is keep an eye on emails and be ready to start clicking when the options are presented to you.

The future is here – so, get on board and join the cyber-community of committed, convenient car shopping. 

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