Why did the chicken cross the road? To hand out tickets

October 28th, 2013 by

oil change Cincinnati

While we all try to do our best to be the change in the world, nearly every driving American has gotten a citation of some sort while behind the wheel. While speeding is the most common of these, running stop signs, red lights, and illegal passing are some other popular choices. The responsibility of driving is a great one, and it is important that as drivers, we pay attention to where we are and what we are doing at all times. All too often, however, the screaming kids in the backseat, an incoming call, or a song on the radio distract us. We forget for a second what we are doing, and oftentimes, pay the price for our diverted attention. Police in Lake Elsinore, California, set out to test driver’s attention spans, by using an obvious decoy – and you wouldn’t believe what happened.

An officer in the California town, put on a yellow chicken costume and crossed the road. No, this is not the latest installment of the popular joke, but rather a decoy set up by police to catch drivers in the act of not paying attention. All in all, police reported that thirty one drivers were given tickets for failing to give the pedestrian (or chicken) the right of way, with most of them claiming they never even saw the chicken crossing the road. The “sting” was set up due to an overflow of complaints from citizens that drivers were not yielding to pedestrians, especially by schools. The police set up the operation in five separate locations around the town – and the department even warned residents of the upcoming sting before they set it in motion.

We would like to think we would notice a giant chicken crossing the road, would you?