2014 Impala is first to offer adaptive cruise control system

September 20th, 2013 by

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The technology that is being put into our gadgets and gizmos seems to get cooler every day. Smartphones are an incredible technological feat – who would’ve thought ten years ago that we could access the internet via our phones from anywhere in the world? Cars are another major player in the world of technical updates. It seems that the competition to come up with the most creative, useful, and safe technological upgrades for vehicles is raging right now. These advancements were thought only to be available in luxury car brands, but other major automakers are putting their best foot forward and packing their cars, trucks, and SUVs with some absolutely incredible gadgets. Change can sometimes be unwelcome, but with the new advancements Chevrolet has been packing the 2014 Impala with – we say, “Bring it on!”

The latest addition to the 2014 Impala is the full-speed-range adaptive cruise control. While the name is quite a mouthful, the actual workings of it are quite simple. On a regular cruise control, the driver is left to deal with slowing and accelerating the car when appropriate. With the full-speed-range adaptive cruise control system, the car is equipped with forward-looking radar that allows the driver to pick their “gap” at which to follow the car ahead. The technology takes into account the rate of speed the cruise is set at, and sets a larger gap between the Impala and the car in front of it. The system will automatically brake and accelerate the sedan to maintain the gap that the driver selected. The technology is advanced enough to even work during stop-and-go traffic.

The Impala is the first car to offer this technology, and also has the Forward Collision Alert and Crash Imminent Braking available.