5 Things You May Not Know About Chevy Trucks

November 20th, 2020 by

A white 2021 Chevy Silverado High Country is driving down the road.

Chevy trucks are known for their tough towing capacity and payloads, alongside other perks like excellent driving performance and sporty exterior styling. But there are some surprising things you may not know about Chevy’s line of trucks, especially their most recent editions. For example, why are auto experts making such a huge fuss about the Multi-Flex tailgate on the Silverado? What even is that technology, and how would it affect a Chevy Silverado’s towing performance? Read on for 5 amazing things that you may not know about Chevrolet’s pickup trucks.

#1 – It’s Not Just You – Chevy and GMC Are Similar

Doesn’t it seem like some GMC trucks and SUVs look just like a Chevrolet, but with a different logo slapped on the front? For example, many people can’t tell the difference between the GMC Sierra and the Chevrolet Silverado without looking at its logo or name emblazoned on the back. That’s because GMC and Chevy vehicles are both produced by the same company!

Both auto brands aren’t actually distinct companies, but divisions of General Motors, a US automotive company that also produces Buick and Cadillac vehicles. So why differentiate them? GMC and Chevy vehicles are produced with similar engines, powertrains, and body styles since they come from the same factories. But they’re appointed differently, with GM catering to the luxury end of the market.

However, there are some vehicles that belong distinctly to one brand or the other, like the Chevy Cruze and other sedans. GMC, meanwhile, focuses on SUVs and trucks. Chevrolet is General Motors’ most popular brand, followed by GMC, which stands for General Motors Truck Company. What we don’t know is why it isn’t called GMTC.

#2 – Chevy’s First Pickup Truck Was a Custom Setting

The first Chevrolet pickup was made way back in 1918. The Model T (T for Truck) was a half-ton vehicle with a 36 hp engine mated to a rolling frame. Chevy didn’t actually produce the vehicle’s body, leaving that to the customer to procure from the aftermarket or even build himself. Many people constructed the 1918 Chevy Model T with a body that included a small front seat and long, open bed with no enclosure or side doors, just a front windshield.

Used for transporting cargo, these primitive pickups became popular commercial trucks and staples of many businesses who needed to deliver goods quickly but safely. These early trucks helped inspired the modern-day pickup truck. Only now, they’re much less spartan and popular for both commercial and private ownership.

A popular Chevy truck, a black 2020 Chevy Silverado Duramax, is towing a trailer with two UTVs.

#3 – The 2021 Chevy Silverado Is Getting Some Special Upgrades

The MultiPro tailgate, a revolutionary payload feature once available only in the GMC Sierra, is now coming to the 2021 Chevy Silverado. This amazing tailgate upgrade has shocked Chevy truck aficionados, who had anticipated having to wait until at least 2022 to get their hands on MultiPro technology. MultiPro has undergone a rebranding for its installation on Chevy trucks and was renamed Multi-Flex, but it still offers all the same features and benefits (besides the usual cosmetic differences between the two brands).

MultiPro tailgate technology made waves when it first premiered on special trims of the 2019 GMC Sierra. Its swiss army knife-style, adjustable tailgate modes enabled six different configurations, each with different productivity and safety benefits. First is the classic up-and-down tailgate motion, which was improved for slower, more manageable movement – no more slamming down when you unlatch it. However, it also provides two different fold-out load stops, which can help contain oversized cargoes that could otherwise slip out the back.

You can even reconfigure the entire tailgate into different practical modes such as a step ladder, footrest, chair, stairway, workbench, and shelf. Multiple built-in specialty hinges make it all possible, along with mixed construction of carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, plastic, and glass fiber composite. It’s even electronically or manually controlled so that you can lock and unlock the tailgate remotely.

#4- Multi-Flex Is Getting the Chevy Treatment

The six-function electronically operated tailgate is a revolutionary game-changer for the truck world, and now faithful Chevy truck drivers can get their hands on this technology starting in 2021. Multi-Flex will undergo some slight cosmetic changes for the new Chevy Silverado, but it will come standard on all 8 Silverado trims, from the basic Work Truck to the ultra-refined High Country. Multi-Flex may have other optional features available as well, like weatherproof built-in speakers, and Chevy’s 15-camera technology allows you to keep an eye on your truck bed, tailgate, and surroundings right from the cabin.

The GMC Sierra’s MultiPro tailgate is commonly considered the best truck tailgate around, and the revamped edition for the 2021 Silverado now provides that same capability. It’s a welcome addition to the Silverado, which was already rated as one of the best all-around pickup trucks out there with its balance of great driving performance, towing and payload capacities, fuel economy, and price. But now it has the most advanced tailgate for all your outdoors, productivity, or travel needs.

A man is opening the Multi-Flex tailgate on a grey 2021 Chevy Silverado.

#5 – Customize Your Experience

Many car shoppers neglect researching pickup trucks for a number of reasons. Maybe you think they’re not economical, maybe you feel a mid-size SUV is better for off-roading, or maybe you want a more luxurious sedan and think of trucks as being rugged and rural. Actually, Chevy’s line of trucks is more versatile than you might think. In fact, they’re the most versatile line of trucks out there.

Chevy has three trucks in its lineup – the Colorado, Silverado, and Silverado HD – each of which has several trim packages and optional features so you can customize your pickup for your specific needs. So what do you want out of your new vehicle? Depending on the engine, the Silverado 1500 can even provide a highly competitive fuel economy of 23 MPG city and 33 MPG highway.

Need plenty of storage space? Pickups are the obvious choice for storage and hauling potential, but the Silverado HD has the largest bed, roomiest cabin, and most innovative interior storage in the Chevy lineup. What if you want an outdoorsy vehicle? The Chevy Colorado ZR2 has features like a fully boxed frame, 4-wheel disc brakes, Multimatic shocks, front and rear electronic locking differentials, skid plates, and multiple terrain driving modes for a truly adventurous off-road experience.

How about a luxury feel? The High Country edition of the Silverado 1500 has a premium sound system, quiet cabin, leather-lined interior, premium infotainment system and safety package, and other luxury features that compete with top international automotive brands. And every single Chevy truck offers incredible driving performance, including power, handling, and acceleration. In other words, there’s a pickup for everyone.

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