A Truck for Every Job

August 11th, 2017 by

When searching commercial trucks for sale, it is important to find a dealership that understands the diversity of needs that come hand-in-hand with the diversity of work to be done. Say what you want, but a commercial truck is a tool; and using the correct tool for the job says a lot about the person who performs it, and how well it is performed.

Regardless of whether you’re transporting equipment, personnel or supplies, Chevy serves up a solid line of configuration options, courtesy of the Colorado, Silverado, and Express. Whether inventoried, or requiring customization, McCluskey Chevrolet can help you find the truck that will deliver exactly what you need to get the job done, and to get it done right.


Body Types

While you’re here at mccluskeychevrolet.com, visit our Work Trucks page to get the ball rolling. Designed differently than our traditional car pages, we empower you to search our inventory based on the body style required for your specific needs. If your needs are more traditional, our selection of Chevy pickups may give you exactly what you need.

Starting with the mid-sized Colorado ($20,120 MSRP), you get an impressive 30 mpg (Highway) and 308 horsepower. With a Best-in-Class Towing capacity of 7,700 LBS, the Colorado will satisfy hauling demands, while retaining the tech amenities required in a mobile workspace, such as Bluetooth and 4G LTE WiFi.

Called the Best Value Commercial Pickup Truck in America, the Silverado 1500 ($27,785 MSRP) ups the ante with a Best-in-Class 420 horsepower and Class-Leading Towing capacity of 12,500 LBS (when properly equipped). The durability of the high-strength steel bed stands head-and-shoulders above its aluminum competition, accommodating a 2,250 LBS maximum payload. With optional upgrades of the 4.3L V6 to a 5.3-liter or 6.2-liter V8, you can find the right fit for the unique demands of your day-to-day.

The Silverado 3500HD ($33,610 MSRP) has been named by J.D. Power as the Most Dependable Large Heavy-Duty Pickup, three years in a row. The standard 6.0-liter V8 can deliver 360 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque, with the optional upgrade to the new Duramax Turbo-Diesel V8 and its 445 horsepower and 910 lb-ft of torque. Properly equipped, the heavy-duty 3500HD delivers an impressive 23,300 LB towing capacity. With its high-strength steel construction, it can accommodate a 7,153 maximum payload – ensuring that it’s suitable for almost any job.

In the event that traditional pickup truck styles won’t accommodate your needs, the Silverado Chassis Cab provides the perfect basis for customization in both the 2500 (Regular Cab) and 3500 (Crew Cab) body styles. Ideal for the addition of a Utility station, Dump assembly, or Flat-bed (among others) the Silverado can also be tailored to accommodate different cab to axle sizes, as needed. But just because it’s a work-horse doesn’t mean it’s exempt from the tech features necessary to any modern business vehicle. All of it is available to you, regardless of what your needs may be.

If the demands of your business are better suited to a van-style work vehicle, Chevy also has you covered.

Beginning with the City Express ($22,405 MSRP), you can get 122.7 cu. ft of cargo space, to accommodate most hauling needs. This equates to 82.8”(l) x 48”(w) of storage accessible by both rear and side doors. Factor in 24 mpg (city, 26 highway) with a 36.7-ft. turning diameter, and you have a vehicle that is both adaptable and maneuverable within almost any environment. Add in the passenger seat that doubles as a fold-flat workstation, along with the availability of all tech amenities, and the City Express becomes an ideal mobile workspace.

Shifting to the more traditional Express Cargo ($30,745 MSRP), you get a maximum payload of 4,192 LBS with an available towing capacity of 10,000 LBS (when properly equipped). 285 horsepower comes courtesy of the standard 4.8-liter V8 engine; and the optional upgrade to the 6.0-liter Vortec V8 increases it to 342 horsepower and 373 lb-ft of torque. A fully-customizable van, the Express Cargo can be designed to favor (5-seat) passenger or cargo loads. For the latter, Chevrolet offers standardized configurations for the unique needs of Contractors, Electricians, and Plumbers.

But if a “people-mover” is what you need to get your crew to the job site, the Express Passenger ($33,140 MSRP) can be designed to accommodate 12-15 people. Given the same engine options as the Express “Cargo”, the “Passenger” also retains the options of tech amenities, including built-in 4G LTE WiFi with connectivity to up to seven devices.

In the event that your needs require a utility or box truck body style, the Express Cutaway starts at an MSRP of $29,550. The Cutaway can accommodate any number of van-based customizations for industrial applications. In addition, the Cutaway can be outfitted for service-oriented applications, such as ambulance, school shuttle or to provide handicap assistance. The 3500 model utilizes a 4.8-liter V8 delivering 285 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque, but can be upgraded to a 6.0-liter with 342 horsepower and 373 lb-ft of torque. The latter comes standard in the 4500 model.

Within the commercial truck class, Chevy has created a line of vehicles ideally suited for a diverse set of needs. We recognize that no two businesses are exactly alike, and whether driven off-the-lot, or demanding customization, we can help you to find the vehicle that is tailored to the unique demands of your business. If you still haven’t taken the time to look over our full range of inventory and available customizations, we hope that you will. We also hope that you will think of McCluskey Chevrolet when you’re looking at commercial trucks for sale.

After all, you’ve done your part in securing the job. Let Chevy be the one to help you get it done…and get it done right