Are Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles The Way To Go?

June 29th, 2018 by

Certified Pre-Owned

Congratulations, you have decided on purchasing a car, but now the journey has only begun. There are many options you must consider when you are investing in a car, and the largest is whether or not you should get one that is used or new. A new car is more reliable, but a used one is more affordable. The choice seems like one that could go on forever unless you find the perfect middle ground; that is where a certified pre-owned vehicle comes in. Not only will it have the assured backing of the manufacturer, but it will also be more affordable than any new vehicle.

There are generally pros and cons to every decision, but investing in a certified pre-owned vehicle has many more positives than negatives. At McCluskey Chevy, we have an excellent selection of certified pre-owned vehicles that you can depend on.


What Does it Mean if a Vehicle is Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)?

Certified pre-owned vehicles, or CPO for short, are vehicles that have been lightly used that go through a specific inspection and are given a firm detailing. CPOs are also slightly newer than most used cars. A CPO will also contain a much clearer history and have extremely low mileage. Another point that makes a used car a certified pre-owned vehicle is the manufacturer-backed warranty – which sometimes even offers a list of freebies such as free maintenance and complimentary loaners. Basically, a certified pre-owned vehicle is a used car that has been proven to still be in excellent working condition that you can trust.


What is Tested Certified Pre-Owned?

The test to grant a car with the title of certified pre-owned is based on an extensive checklist of items that could impact the performance and value of the vehicle.

The test always begins with making sure the identification number, or VIN, is correct and that the title is unsoiled. Many will get vehicle history reports from such companies as CarFax and AutoCheck.

To even qualify for the honor of being a certified pre-owned the vehicle also must meet a few basic requirements. This includes that the year and mileage are at the correct threshold to be considered a newer model depending on the automaker. This assures that if you invest in a certified pre-owned vehicle, you can be assured you will be getting a relatively new vehicle. They also generally must be free of post-purchase add-ons.

After this, the three major areas of safety, emission, and operation must be inspected. This includes the transmission, engine, and braking system. Some inspections also include other components for example fluid levels, engine belt, gaskets, and valve covers. This will assure any under the hood issues are noted and taken care of.

They will do a cosmetics check which includes everything you can see with your eyes. Bumper, handles, molding, steps, and interior will all be checked for even the slightest dent, scratch, or discoloration. This may also lead to light detailing to make it look as new as it runs.

Lastly, they will assure all safety equipment is good as new from airbags to seatbelts, then do a quick check of the other features like heating and cooling.

As you can see, every certified pre-owned is inspected with an extensive list that hits all the major concerns. Depending on who is inspecting, the exact list may change, but it will still remain a strong quality control examination. Just remember that nothing in this world is perfect, and a used car is still used no matter how well it has been tested on the factory floor, but at least you are assured a fair warranty.


What is The Difference Between Used and Certified Pre-Owned?

Compared to a non-certified used car, a certified pre-owned is newer and often more dependable. They are tested and cleaned and designed to wipe away your stress while saving you a few much-needed bucks. They may be more expensive, but they are a great middle ground if you are stuck on whether to get something dependably new or manageably used.

What is The Difference Between Manufacturer Certified Pre-Owned and a Dealer-Certified Vehicle?

A certified pre-owned is often always backed by the company that actually made the vehicle while a dealer-certified vehicle is based on the dealers who are selling it. You should always be certain who is backing your certification before you decide on whether you wish to invest or not. A dealership can close and leave the warranty void, but a manufacturer is less likely to. Also, the guidelines for dealer-certified vehicles are less ironclad. That being said, it is not impossible that a dealer-certified vehicle cannot be just as, if not more reliable.

We at McCluskey Chevy are always strict in our 127 point certification process for any of our newer used vehicles that have not already been certified directly by the manufacturer. Those that are not manufacturer certified pre-owned are always inspected with additional scrutiny. We trust our tests to assure quality and find that our process will allow the most customers to leave satisfied.


What are The Reasons You Wouldn’t Buy Certified Pre-Owned?

It is honestly difficult to come up with many if any reasons a buyer would choose not to invest in a certified pre-owned vehicle. The one most obvious would be that the price is a bit higher than other used vehicles. That shouldn’t factor in as too harsh a deal though considering you are also investing in the inspection, warranty, and various extras that will grant you the best chance to avoid having a lemon later on. Although after the warranty is gone, you are in the hands of fate as always.

Another small drawback to a certified pre-owned vehicles, if we have to get picky, is that is the much older vehicles will clearly not be on the table as purchase options. This system is only for newer used cars and won’t have anything to do with high mileage or older model years.

Overall, a certified pre-owned vehicle is a great investment with very little cons that will make a choice between new and used a breeze to make. To check out a great selection of high-quality certified pre-owned vehicles, visit McCluskey Chevy today!