Box Trucks in Cincinnati OH

January 24th, 2018 by

A White Chevy Box Truck at a loading dock

Many people and companies are always in the pursuit of more money at a lower cost. Hauling cargo is one such area where the right choice for transportation can make a major difference in the long run. Larger trucks mean more cargo with greater expenses. Smaller trucks are more affordable but less capable. While many are automatically drawn to the largest size possible, there is actually a case to be made for going the small to medium route for your hauling needs.

As odd as it may sound, it’s possible to find financial success through a box truck. Yes, those smaller-than-semi trucks you see people driving around the highway carrying anything and everything under the sun. Whether it’s a U-Haul or a privately owned truck, these vehicles are a more affordable entry point into cargo hauling if you don’t have the budget for a complete semi.

The trick to buying a box truck is knowing what you need and what to look for when researching your options. The choice between a new and used box truck is just the first decision, but in some ways, the most important. New trucks have their own advantages such as a higher level of presumed reliability at a higher cost. Used trucks may be cheaper but riddled with unknown issues.

The correct choice for you will depend on a couple of factors, so here is a look at what you need to know and think about when starting your search for a box truck in Cincinnati.

Box Truck Size

Whether it’s new or used, box trucks all have some common features that differ from your average car or truck. In some ways, they are a step under a semi-truck, but that doesn’t encompass all the things that make them unique. If you have your heart set on going with a box truck, it will be extremely important to know these differences in order to make the best choice in the end.

Box trucks come in a variety of sizes, but all tend to fit in the range of “medium” truck or Class 3 to Class 7. The size of the truck is a very important point to consider since it will influence the amount of cargo you can physically and legally carry in addition to the operating expenses. To find the right truck, you will have to consider the type/amount of cargo you will want to carry. If you plan to use the truck for less-than-traditional purposes, the target final weight of the truck will still be important to know.

When you start to search for a box truck, you will come across many possibilities including the option to mix and match chassis and box lengths. In short, you might have two things to decide: the size of the chassis and the size of the box. Both will determine the final weight of the vehicle.

It’s important to find the right chassis that can hold the final maximum intended weight while cruising at highway speeds. An underweight chassis will quickly limit your ability to haul cargo. In worst case scenarios, it may even lead to damage or an accident while out on the road if you try to skirt the weight limits for your vehicle.

The box itself will determine the amount and type of cargo you will be able to transport. Think about this size in the full three dimensions. Make sure you have enough length but don’t forget about the height as well. Both of these dimensions will affect the overall handling and capability of the box truck.

Together, the chassis and box will open up a whole world of possibilities to you. Regardless if you go with a new or used truck, do your research and planning ahead of time to know what your options are and which ones work best.

Considering a New Truck

Going with a new box truck is an attractive possibility to many people since it makes life more simple on paper. You can eliminate a lot of the unknowns that used trucks have after they start to gain several miles on the dial. Buying new will also give you the most options when it comes time to find the right size and performance specs to purchase.

Unfortunately, new trucks aren’t always the answer. For one thing, cost can be prohibitive since you will be paying the full amount of a vehicle that is in prime condition. Depending on the make and model of the vehicle, some options may also be off the table if a manufacturer limits their offerings. Most importantly, you may also have to “break in” the truck to get it running at peak performance.

The best way to approach deciding if a new truck is the best option is to consider your needs and budget. First, can you afford a new truck? Since all box trucks come in different price points, you will likely find that there is a certain cut off point for the truck you can afford. Second, can you find the options or customizability you need? Look over the different specs and packages new manufacturers offer to see if they provide you with the final truck you want.

The Case for a Used Truck

A used box truck might not be the first choice for a lot of people, but they have their merits if you want to save some money or can find the perfect fit. The most important thing to realize is that a used truck isn’t always a bad option. In other words, used trucks are all different: mileage, performance, and the assortment of dents/dings will all vary.

A used truck should be a prime choice if your budget is lower than what you can afford for a new truck. In general, a used truck will always be cheaper than its new counterpart, but the total amount will depend on the age and condition of the vehicle. You can also look for special deals offered by dealerships or individual owners to get the best price possible. Be prepared to haggle or negotiate to maximize your savings.

Do as much research about possible vehicles you may buy ahead of time if possible. History information available online will give you a sense of what the truck has been through. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the current owner or dealership to get more specific information as well. Test drive the vehicles before making any final choices to get a good sense of how it handles.

The best-used vehicle should meet all of your needs, stay within your budget, and be in a decent-to-good condition. If you find something that hits all of these check marks, you might have found your new old box truck.

Making the Right Decision

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to buying a new or used box truck. The ultimate decision will depend on everything you need out of a truck. Size, condition, capability, and price are the areas you will need to pay attention to in order to know when you have found the right possibility. Make out some lists if necessary so you can keep track of all these details.

If needed, think about what areas you can compromise in as well. If you find a truck that has most of what you need but is lacking in a couple spots, it may still be the best choice if you can’t find anything else. Searching for new and used box trucks is tricky since inventories will change over time. In the end, you never know what you will find