Chevrolet is the Answer to Your Business Fleet Needs – Part II

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As a business owner, it can feel impossible to weed through the enormous amount of options when it comes to finding a capable commercial vehicle. There are plenty of selections to choose from, but figuring out which one will be best at enabling your business for long-term success is where things tend to become confusing. Chevrolet is the most dependable car brand in America, and while many people may not be aware, they are also one of the most reliable brands for commercial trucks and vans. Whether your business is in need of multiple box trucks, or a single commercial van, the bowtie brand has you covered.

In Part I of this two-part series, we talked about three of Chevrolet’s most capable and popular commercial truck options. In the final part of this two-part series, we will discuss three different commercial van models that may be a great addition to your company’s team.

Chevrolet Commercial Vans

Chevy may not offer a civilian minivan model, but that fact doesn’t mean Chevy doesn’t know what to do when it comes to the van segment. The bowtie brand has three undeniably capable van options in its commercial vehicle lineup, all of which are helping business owners accomplish their day-to-day tasks easier, and more efficiently than ever before. Adding a capable commercial van to your business is more affordable than you might think, and certainly more beneficial.

Take a look at these three incredible Chevy van options, and discover if one might be the exact commercial vehicle solution you have been looking to find.

  • 2017 Express Cargo Van: With a body-on-frame design that is built and proven to last, the Express Cargo Van from Chevrolet is the first of three models available in the brand’s commercial van lineup.
  • Affordable: The 2017 Chevy Express Cargo Van features a starting MSRP of just $30,745. This relatively low sticker price means that business owners can stay focused on their future successes, while keeping their budgets in check.
  • Capable: This Chevy van comes standard with a 4.8-liter Vortec V8 engine, able to churn out a horsepower rating of 285. While this base engine block is great at performing light-duty tasks, the true star of the power show lies within the available 6.0-liter Vortec V8 engine. Boasting a maximum horsepower rating of 342, and up to 373 lb.-ft. of torque, Express Cargo Van models equipped with this engine can tow up to 10,000 pounds and haul up to 4,192 pounds.
  • Spacious: Whether your business needs require more room for passengers or more room for tools and supplies, this van has you covered. Cargo crew models feature seating for up to five passengers, while regular versions offer plenty of available space for tools, gadgets, and other necessary equipment.
  • Connected: The intentionally designed interior cabin of the Express Cargo Van features plenty of features to keep your crew connected on the go. With a 120-volt power outlet, two auxiliary outlets, the most up-to-date version of Chevy MyLink, a seven-inch color touchscreen display, and available 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, there is no other commercial van as capable at keeping you connected on the go than the Chevy Express Cargo model.
  • 2017 Express Passenger Van: For businesses that are more focused on consumer transportation than that of tools and equipment, the Chevy Express Passenger Van is a great option.
  • Spacious: With seating for up to fifteen passengers, it doesn’t matter if you need a way to transport children from your daycare to their homes, or a wedding party from one photography location to the next – this spacious and comfortable van from Chevrolet is the perfect solution.
  • Easy Access: As it is true with any van capable of transporting fifteen adults at one time, having easy access to the interior cabin is important. The design of Chevy’s Express Passenger Van offers easy loading and unloading features such as swing-out doors, rear passenger doors, and a sliding rear passenger door. Storing equipment and luggage is also easy, and can be enhanced with the optional Hitch-Mounted Storage Container from Chevrolet.
  • Safe: As a business owner responsible for transporting multiple people at one time, safety is a top priority. Chevrolet built the Express Passenger Van with safety in mind, above everything else. Designed to help the driver stay in control and on course at all times, the 2017 Chevy Express Passenger van is one of the safest options available. With available safety features like a rear vision camera, seat-mounted thoracic airbags, and the StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control System, you will rest easy knowing that your clients are in the best hands possible.
  • 2017 City Express: The most affordable commercial van option from Chevrolet, the City Express van starts at just $22,405 and offers plenty of utility for the price. Read on to see what else makes this model such a unique addition to your small business.
  • Cargo Capacity: The City Express van from Chevrolet was designed to cater to the needs of unique small businesses. With a maximum interior cargo capacity of 122.7 cubic-feet, the 2017 Chevy City Express van can easily haul tools, product, and other important items that your business needs to transport from one location to another.
  • Multiple Applications: The Chevy City Express van is much smaller in size when compared to the Express van models, but offers a lot of versatility when it comes to specific applications. Whether you are a handyman in need of a reliable and organized way to get from one job to the next, are a florist looking for a way to bring your bouquet creations safely to your customer’s front step, or a caterer in need of a van that can deliver your customer’s orders hot and ready to enjoy – the Chevy City Express can help.
  • Efficient: Adding a van to your commercial vehicle fleet is important, but unless it has the ability to transport your goods and services in a cost-effective way, it can end up being more of a burden than a relief. The 2017 Chevy City Express van gets an EPA-estimated 26 miles per gallon on the highway, and up to 24 miles per gallon in the city. With numbers that impressive, it’s no wonder why more small business owners are adding this particular van to their company’s team.

Whether you are a business owner interested in a Chevrolet commercial truck from Part I of this series, or are intrigued by the commercial van options discussed in Part II, the expert team at McCluskey Chevrolet wants to help you and your business succeed. Be sure to come by and experience the Chevrolet commercial vehicle lineup in person, at McCluskey Chevrolet today.

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