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In recent years, car lineups have been improved dramatically by a couple of factors (i) evolving focus on fuel economy and sustainability, and (ii) the growing popularity of crossover and SUV offerings. The former speaks to a generational shift in mindset, where drivers are more conscious of both economy and ecology. The latter speaks to a growing appreciation of safety and versatility.

Combined, the two have had an interesting effect on the traditional car lineup. Regarding the former, we have seen a global increase in the sales of compact and subcompact offerings, especially in urban settings and by younger drivers. The latter compels mid and full-size offerings to aim higher, aspiring to emulate many features found in luxury offerings. This allows them to exist in a different space, rather than compete (futilely) with the crossover SUV segment.

Such challenges speak to how well-designed the lineup of Chevy cars is. Sustainable. Economical. Versatile. Luxurious. A little bit of something for everyone. But the lineup also deserves accolades for both overall design consistency (without losing each model’s identity) and Chevy’s signature inclusion of available technology.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the lineup and explore how Chevy’s current model year offerings might just serve up the perfect Chevy car for you.


Chevy Spark

(starting around $13,050 MSRP)

As one of Chevy’s newer offerings, the Spark makes for a perfect starting point. First introduced for the 2012 model year, it embodies a forward-thinking mentality that priorities sustainability, technology, and an ever-evolving eye towards fashion.

Fun and funky, the Spark is ideal for the demands of commuters and urban adventurers alike. Despite its more modest footprint, the subcompact Spark delivers massive impact thanks (in no small part to) such provocative colors as Mint and Sorbet. But it’s more than just a cute face.

Named by Kelley Blue Book ( as one of its ’10 Most Affordable Cars” the subcompact Spark has also earned recognition two years in-a-row for its ‘5-Year Cost to Own’ value. This makes the Spark a favorite among students, young professionals, and the conscientious young-at-heart.


Chevy Sonic

(starting around $15,295 MSRP)

One of the strongest attributes of Chevy’s lineup is the automaker’s award-winning reputation, which extends across nearly every model. Of those countless accolades, Chevy’s recognition by J.D. Power & Associates as the ‘Most Dependable Automaker’ reigns supreme. Having received such recognition across all segments for two years in a row helps to diversify Chevy offerings from that of their rivals. Within the small car segment, the dependability award goes to the Sonic.

But the Sonic has also earned applause from both and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Named by the former as their ‘Coolest Car Under $18,000’ and by the latter as a ‘Top Safety Pick,’ the Sonic serves as the poster child for both Chevy’s innovative styling and aptitude for including available technologies.


Chevy Cruze

(starting around $16,975 MSRP)

As a Consumer Reports Top Pick, the Cruze serves as the tentpole of Chevy’s lineup of car offerings. Made available in both sedan and hatchback styling, it offers the practicality of a larger footprint while maintaining the efficiency and sporty intention of its more diminutive stablemates.

With energetic color choices such as Kinetic Blue Metallic and (the fiery) Red Hot, the Cruze is bound to turn heads effortlessly. But with more than meets the eye, it also offers comfort and confident cargo space making it a perfect fusion of form and function.


Chevy Malibu

(starting around $21,680 MSRP)

Whether opting for the traditional Malibu or its hybrid variant, U.S. News & World Report celebrates the Malibu, naming it as their ‘Top Midsize’ pick for families. Aside from the accommodating nature of its design, part of the credit goes to its standing as an IIHS Top Safety Pick. With countless safety features worth exploring, the Malibu is perfect for the family that prefers sedan styling to that of a crossover.

The longevity of the Malibu (first introduced over fifty years ago) speaks to the enduring nature of Chevy’s laser focus on evolution. Imbued with contemporary styling, today’s Malibu is a tried and true midsize offering that serves up efficiency and smooth drivability, made even more appealing with its accessible pricing.


Chevy Impala

(starting around $27,895 MSRP)

Like the Malibu before it, today’s Impala stands as a testament to longevity. That said, recent model years have reflected Chevy’s ambition, evoking many of the refined style and technology that one might expect from more luxury-based automakers.

This speaks volumes considering that it is still recognized for its value, having cornered’s pick for ‘5-Year Cost to Own’ (for a full-size car) two years in a row. Also named among their ’10 Most Comfortable Cars Under $30,000’ the Malibu was named by U.S. News & World Report as the ‘Best Large Car for the Money,’ reinforcing its value proposition.


EV Options

In this ever-changing world, no lineup would be complete without some discussion of more sustainable options. While some of the above include hybrid variants, discussion of Chevy’s lineup would be incomplete without mention of the Bolt EV and Volt.

Consider for a moment that the former is capable of 238 miles of pure electric range. Considering the average of a 40-mile daily commute, this means that owners of the Bolt could complete an entire work-week on a single charge.

Not to be outdone, the Volt has been more widely celebrated than any other electric vehicle. For those with an eye to sustainability, the fact that the Volt has earned ‘Car of the Year’ picks by both Autobytel and Green Car Journal speaks volumes.


Which Chevy is Right for You?

Regardless of what you’re looking for in your next car, Chevy serves up something that is an ideal fit for both your budget and the unique demands of your lifestyle. If you’re interested in exploring Chevy’s confident and well-realized lineup, let McCluskey Chevrolet help you to find the best fit

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