Children now Grown Ups

September 16th, 2011 by

This time of year makes me miss when my child was growing up.  School starting, Halloween right around the corner, Thanksgiving is next and then the BIG ONE, Christmas! The holiday’s arrive just like they used to but my child is now a grown man living in Shanghai, China.  I remember the first day of school, I even remember the anger when he stopped getting up as soon as I called from the bottom of the staircase.  I wish now I would have gone up and sat next to him to wake him up.  He loves to call using Skyppe on the holiday’s.  I think he misses us most on those days, too.  He doesn’t drive in Shanghai.  Having a car over there is a huge luxury.  Chevrolet has a huge presence and he loves to bring that to my attention.  Here at home, we think nothing of having a car at our disposal at all times.  When he comes home, he can’t wait to drive whatever model Chevrolet I have in the driveway. So if you children are still small, enjoy them.  If you have grown children that live near you, enjoy them.

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