Does America Owe The Big Three?

September 6th, 2011 by

In my opinion GM, Ford, and Chrysler have provided great employment opportunities for hundreds of thousands of families for over a century.  They have allowed families to live the American dream while enjoying the best benefits and retirement packages ever offered to the American worker.  There have been some great times in American automotive manufacturing.  The 50’s and 60’s saw the big 3 build masterpieces and works of art that still to this day stop any car lover in American and make them stare.  The creativity and craftsmanship that went into the America cars in those days is still evident if you ever watch any of the televised auto auctions.  Seeing vehicles produced 40 and 50 years ago selling for prices that only works of art and masterpieces could bring.  I feel the big 3 is once again building products that may not be the collector items of the past but the quality and craftsmanship is definitely there.

The big 3 went through some rough times when the import cars hit America with better fuel economy and supposedly better reliability.  The reality was these cars would fit in the trunk of most American cars and had plenty of there own problems.  With the imports being cheap and having better fuel economy the Big 3 was in for the fight of there lives and very little time to train for it.  America car manufactures started producing smaller cars with smaller engines with lite weight sheet metal and the combination was not a good one.  America car manufactures were used to building cars with heavy sheet metal that never rusted and stuffing the largest engines that would fit in them.  Over the years the Big 3 has once again risen to the top producing stylish, affordable, great fuel economy vehicles that are better quality and have better warranties than the imports.

Now to my point.  How does America repay the Big 3 for decades and decades of employment, benefits, and more money put into the economy than any other business in the world?  We buy import cars?  Maybe because we had a bad experience in the past.  Maybe it is what we have now been led to believe.  I feel America does owe the Big 3.  Before you buy your next car or truck think about where you earn your money and spend it there.

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