Dream CAmaRo/Dream Customer

March 31st, 2011 by

Chevrolet Camaro CincinnatiAnn Thomas loves me. Ann Thomas trusts me. Ann Thomas likes spending thousands of dollars at my store and Ann Thomas gets what she deserves.

Huge financial decisions usually make customers cringe, but Ann Thomas enjoys every second of her time at  McCluskey Chevrolet. I personally make sure of it.

My name is Paul Cluxton, and I am the sales manager at McCluskey Chevrolet at the Kings Auto Mall in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Below is a short letter from one of my favorite customers, Ann Thomas.  Ann recently bought a new OH Chevrolet Camaro from myself and McCluskey Chevrolet.  I will let her letter tell you the rest…

Febuary 3, 2011

Dear Keith McCluskey,

Words can’t express the fabulous service that I received from McCluskey Chevrolet and the staff that I worked with a few weeks ago when I decided to buy a New Car.  Not just any car but the new Chevy Camero.  It has been a dream car of mine that was now time to make come true.

My Husband called Paul Cluxton to see if he would help us find this dream car the Synergy Green Camero.  Paul was more than happy to hear from us and ready to help.  He is always so professional and fun to deal with.  He got a few people involved to help us out and that was Walt Kelsey and Mark Kennedy.  The adventure was on.  I don’t really know all the work that went into this dream coming true but I know that McCluskey didn’t have the car that I wanted and a week later they did (even the black wheels that had to be ordered).  We made plans to go out to pick it up from Mark on Friday January 28th after work.  When we got there the car was more then ready it had the wheels that we ordered on it and it was sitting in the showroom with a bow on it.  I felt so special and so welcome at McCluskey Chevrolet.  Mark was very thorough in his paper work and telling me all about my new car.  He went above and beyond to make everything easy and run as smooth as possible.  Kudos to Mark.

Then comes the stressful part, so I thought, time to go and talk to the financial person and sign all the papers.  There was nothing stressful about any of this, Christine Hacker was awesome.  She knew what she was doing and explained everything in great detail.  I had a smile on my face the whole time and felt no stress at all.  She made the experience even more personable when she walked out of her office to go and see what car I was so excited about just purchasing.  I could tell that she really cared about me and her company.  Kudos to Christine.

Since my trip into McCluskey Chevrolet I can’t stop thinking about the fantastic service and how we were treated.  If I had to come up with one word to describe this place and these people it would be FAMILY.  They made me feel like family and were just as excited to share this dream with me.  I am now the proud owner of a 2011 Synergy Green Camero and it’s all because of these 4 people, Paul Cluxton, Walt Kelsey, Mark Kennedy and Christine Hacker.  All are a great asset to your company and I can’t wait to buy another New Car from them in years to come.  I am proud to be apart of the McCluskey Chevrolet family of the Kings Auto Mall.


Ann  Thomas