Finding the Right Salesperson

March 29th, 2011 by

Automotive SEOThe right sales person is something that each of us that buy a new or used Chevrolet in Cincinnati should be on the look out for. When you consider that an automobile is the second largest purchase most of us make in our lifetimes, only the best salesperson should do.  So what makes up the right sales person? To start, we all know the stereotypical look of a “car salesman”, those guys today are few and far between at McCluskey Chevrolet.

The right salesperson will be different for all of us when it comes to personality, but have most of the same qualities. The best thing the right salesperson will posses is  the skill of listening. How can anyone sell us something that doesn’t fit either our wants or needs?

The right salesperson will have the ability to understand the difference between the two. Sometimes the needs of a buyer may differ from what they want, examples being credit situations, payment restrictions, or overall affordability. The right salesperson helps the customer take all those things into consideration and fits the right car into the buyers needs.  After the sale, the right salesperson will not forget about you or think of you only as a commission. Follow up is another key to being the right salesperson. Staying with the customer to not only handle service issues that pop up but to also help out with finding autos for friends and family memebers is key.

McCluskey Chevrolet prides itself with staffing  a team of the right salespeople.  Whether you are just starting to look for a new or used car or have been in the market for some time but just havent found the “right salesperson”  giving McCluskey Chevrolet’s team the chance to earn your business would be the thing to do.  Let us show you what the measuring stick should be on finding the right salesperson.

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