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What is the sign of greatness in a company?  It seems that companies that achieve this can be traced back to a couple of things.  Employees and Ownership.  The loyalty between the 2 is the sole of any great company.  If you find a company with the same ownership and employees with multiple years of service there is a reason.  When ownership shows loyalty to its employees it makes it more than a job.  It becomes part of your life.  It makes employees want to be involved in every aspect of the business knowing that they can make a difference.

McCluskey Chevrolet is one such company.  They have over 150 employees, many with multiple years of service.  The service team alone has over 1000 years of automotive experience with 100’s of those years being at McCluskey Chevrolet.  Sales is no different in a business that seems to have different sales people every time you walk in the doors.  Once again McCluskey Chevrolet has set the bar.  We have multiple sales people with decades of experience and many of them being employed at McCluskey Chevrolet.  It does not stop there.  The Management team at McCluskey Chevrolet has an average employment of over 20 years.  Again loyalty by ownership is loyalty by employees.

If every time you went to the Dentist and there was a new Dentist would you continue to go?  How about having your hair cut by 10 different people this year?  Probably not.  So next time you need any Automotive Sales or Service help check out why McCluskey Chevrolet is achieving greatness.

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