How OnStar Saved My Vacation!

June 23rd, 2011 by

A first hand account of how OnStar will blow your mind!

GM has been installing OnStar in their vehicles since 1995. In 1995 only a very few vehicles came equipped with OnStar but today about 99% of the vehicles GM produces comes equipped with this unbelievable service.

I have been in the car business since 2005 and have seen OnStar evolve into a product that offers “WOW” services. They offer Turn By Turn Navigation, they can unlock your car doors if your keys have been locked in, they have Emergency Services where if you are involved in an accident and the airbags deploy then OnStar will automatically send Emergency services to the accident sight….and these are just scratching the surface of what OnStar can really do! OnStar does not just offer “WOW” services, they offer life saving services.

Back on June 3rd, 2011 myself, my wife, and my 3 children embarked on our 8 hour trip to Lake Leelanau, Michigan. We had been on the road for about 3 1/2 hours when all of a sudden we ran into a shutdown highway due to an accident. We sat still on the highway for 30 minutes and then began detouring to the exit ramp to follow some tractor trailers to hopefully find a way around the accident. We starting going west  and we stayed west for about 50 miles. We were near the Ohio/Indiana border when I decided to give OnStar a call from my 2011 Chevy Traverse to try to get me back on track to Northern Michigan. A lady named Christine came over the speakers from Onstar to help… was she unbelievable. After about a 10 minute conversation going over 3 or 4 different routes to get back on track to our destination we decided on the best route and she sent the route to my vehicle via the Turn By Turn Navigation system. So after about an hour of zig zagging thru corn fields of West-By-God, Ohio we finally made it back to the interstate and on our way to our vacation destination. If it wasn’t for OnStar that afternoon, my family would never have made it to our vacation destination that day…..we were absolutely lost in the middle of nowhere!

And that’s not it….OnStar saved my vacation the next day as well! The next morning we arrive at the cottage on Lake Leelanau. We begin unloading the car and my wife takes the keys and puts them on the front seat and closes the door. Unfortunately the doors were locked and we have now locked our keys in the car. Thankfully the kids were taken out about 30 seconds prior to this happening but the majority of our luggage was locked in the car. Well….thank goodness we have OnStar! I grabbed the phone and dialed 1-888-4-ONSTAR and again a guy named John answered and helped me unlock my car doors within minutes. If it wasn’t for OnStar that day we would’ve had to wait hours, or maybe days to get our doors unlocked and get our luggage.

I’ve been selling new Chevys in Cincinnati for 6 years now and have seen what OnStar can do. I sell it on a daily basis but what happened to me 2 weeks ago took it to another level. OnStar is a Game Changer! It provides services that will absolutely blow your mind. If it wasn’t for OnStar, my vacation probably would have been delayed 2-3 days!

For a list of full services and details of what OnStar offers, please visit or call McCluskey Chevrolet at 513-761-1111….I guarantee we have the most Wow’d person at any Chevy store in the country right now that would love to tell his story about his firsthand experience how OnStar saved his vacation!

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